Meet Annepan, one of our V.I.P members with a great initiative!

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Team NoleCoin was recently contacted by a community member @Annepan who shared an interesting concept which led to the creation of one of our upcoming philanthropic event. We thought of having a quick chat with @Annepan to understand how the idea emerged. Here is a transcript of the interview; this also opens up our mind to think how we can make this world a better place. Big or small; all initiatives counts in spreading happiness.

Q1: Can you share a bit about yourself?

Answer: I am Annepan, mother of 2 fantastic children, a daughter who is 16 years old, and a son who is 7 years old. I am from Europe and I love this place and the planet.

Q2. How and when did you get introduced to crypto world?

Answer: It’s not been very long for me in the crypto world. My husband is enthusiastic about it and has shown me everything, which triggered my interest.

Q3. How did you come to know about NoleCoin and how has been your experience so far?

Answer: My colleague Superhuug introduced me to NoleCoin (then known as Ksumnole) and he explained to me how it works. The charity concept, in particular, appealed to me. Immediately I immersed myself in it, and finally registered in the VIP room under the name @Annepan, and I am very happy with that so far. People are very kind/respectful to each other, very helpful, everyone thinks along with each other, and they are all eager to help, it felt like a warm blanket.

Q4. What is your view about the impact of blockchain in the philanthropy domain?

Answer: Blockchain has a usage in multiple domains, I love the idea of transparency, borderless transactions, and speed of execution brought in the field of philanthropy by blockchain.

Q5. Can you briefly explain the idea of ‘helping physically disabled people’ you are working on currently?

Answer: My son aged 7 has several limitations including cerebral palsy and hypermobility. He uses a wheelchair for long distances, and he has splints on his lower legs to be able to walk the smaller parts. The splints are replaced twice a year because my son grows out of them. The “old” splints disappear into the cupboard, and nothing else happens to it. I find this very annoying, knowing that there are a lot of children on this globe who can use the splints that we no longer use.

Since NoleCoin is involved in charity initiatives for Bangladesh, I approached Chevkev (CEO of NoleCoin) to see if he can do something with it and if he can arrange something so that the splints are delivered to a hospital in Bangladesh. This I believe can help many children in Bangladesh.

Splints are made of plastic and can be adjusted, when heated, to the new feet that have to wear. Also possibly they could be taken apart and used for parts. I am in contact with a lot of people who also have children who wear splints / adapted shoes; I started to ask them if they would be interested in sending them to Bangladesh and was pleased to see the very enthusiastic response from them.

6. How many people you feel will be positively impacted by this initiative.

Answer: My hope is that I collect about at least 50/75 pairs, so we can do something good in Bangladesh.

7. You have been of great help; do you have any more such initiatives in mind where the NoleCoin community can contribute to?

Answer: I am hoping to have this initiative executed first and surely I will talk to more people in my acquaintance to think of ways and means of making this planet better.

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