Meet N1kita a NOLE community helper & Singer from the Netherlands

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N1kita: A community helper & Singer who helps us in the upcoming Dapp. Enjoy the interview Nole fans!

Q1: Can you share a bit about yourself?

I am N1kita 34 (10–12–1984) years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have been making music since I was 13 years old. That is when my first private lessons started. I tried different sections in the music branch, like doing a musical and playing the keyboard. I also had piano lessons in England when I was young and had a lot of fun with it! As time progressed I realized that i wanted to compose my own music.

I started writing songs eventually and tried different styles.

I started my first single called ’My choice’ at the age of 14–15 years old. While I made the single alot of people wanted to work with me but I got disappointed by some people and then took a small break from music. I made my first album, got a lot of positive reactions but it wasn’t the right time, place and moment to continue.

While I still had music in my mind I started to work for an IT company as an online marketing specialist and as a website builder. While I had fun doing my work and making music I had some private problems which didn’t allow me to continue until my interest started to develop for cryptocurrency!

Right now I started to share my album on different platforms where we can get rewarded with Crypto and I want to pick up my music career again.

Q2. When did you learn about Crypto/ NoleCoin and how has been your experience so far?

I started to learn about crypto when I saw bitcoin passing by a lot of times and when I browsed through some channels it started to draw my interest; especially the documentary called: Girls Know Blockchain by Arlène Wouters I watched that documentary and also read quite a few news articles and as an IT specialist I got curious about the technology. Subsequently, I heard about a facebook group called ’girls know blockchain’ and joined the group. Since then there has been no looking back.

I am a gamer also and love giving back to people. I am a volunteer at ‘Red Cross’ so when I heard about NoleCoin it immediately drew my interest. I spoke to my friend Yorina Wouters and she connected me with NOLE and since then I have been a supporter of the cause.

Q3. What are your plans for the future with Music and crypto?

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Recently a platform called was launched, where we can share our music videos or content and trade them for BeatzCoin or Tron. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to re-start my music career again. This will be one of the platforms where I will be sharing my music.

Music on VibraVid:

Free covers:

I recently got signed to a Label; Ase Music who is going to help me with the production of my new single. Currently, I am writing my songs and the label Ase music will use their network to distribute my music and promote it. Simultaneously I plan to put out my own marketing channel as well.

NOLE will also promote my music in all channels and looking forward to start this promotion.

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Q4. What would you like to see in the future with NoleCoin and your music career?

I hope to live as a “creative Music IT’er” and focus on the things I love to do. I foresee a future in the music industry and would simultaneously love to be involved in marketing and IT activities.

I have a teacher in me who loves to explain and make videos, so I have plans to make videos for NOLE & NoleLegends and support the cause by being a community helper. Also, my Endeavour would be to learn people how to get tokens or how to support NOLE. I also plan to create content like Tutorial videos, articles and a lot more to help as many people as possible.

Q5. Do you want to tell anything to the community before we end the interview?

‘Where there is a will there is a way’; I didn’t always have the best situations in my life but I always tried to face any challenges head-on and make the best out of the situation. Right now as you can see I have made a career out of my passion which reinforces my belief in the above-mentioned saying. I had experience with domestic violence and I experienced many challenges but came out stronger than ever!

Always keep believing what you believe in and never give up is my humble advice to everyone reading this article.

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