NoleCoin (Former: MSK) briefing May 2019

KsumNole Briefing Note, May 2019


The purpose of this briefing note is to provide information and knowledge about KsumNole’s current situation, recent achievements, and a general overview about the project.


KsumNole, (MSK 1000935), is a TRC10 charity token, used to make charities through the Tron BlockChain, and help people in third world countries through a transparent and safe way. MSK core principles are integrity, transparency, high reach, reliability, independence and privacy.

Current Price and market cap of MSK

Current Situation:

Since its listing on , MSK has become one of the most valued TRC10 tokens. After that, KsumNole didn’t stop progressing and working towards achieving its goals and promises. As of May 2019, KsumNole has achieved the following:

- KsumNole’s First Charity; Bangladesh: at the beginning of May 2019 KsumNole made contact with a person who lives in Pada Harbaid, a village in need in Bangladesh, and started its first charity by making a donation to the children of the Pada Harbaid village, to help them get food and basic needs with TRON.

The people of the village of Pada Harbaid.

- KsumNole’s second Charity; Bangladesh: a special wallet was created for the purpose of collecting donations to reach the goal of 1000 MSK/16000 TRX by May 31st, 2019, to buy basic needs, food, clothing and essentials for 30 children living in the village of Pada Harbaid, Pubail, Ghazipur-Dhaka, Bangladesh. The campaign was launched in the KsumNole’s VIP group and also in KsumNole’s telegram main channel so everyone can help, and it was a huge success. The Bangladesh wallet was made public for full transparency and easy tracking of donations.

Wallet address: TLrRWemP1NB9mMA7cjSWoF66J3AdxfQiR2

YouTube Video:

- KsumNole has created a dividend distribution system for investors holding 100 MSK and more. The dividend token is AMSK (1001699), and is distributed on a monthly basis, after taking snapshots of wallets. Thus everyone who is holding more than 100 MSK will receive AMSK dividends as per the table below:

NoleWater airdrop per MSK

- The KsumNole’s VIP group has become a space where a big community of supporters and investors meet to share ideas, opinions, and even help in the decision making of KsumNole’s major plans. A special VIP achievement point system is dedicated to the VIP members, enabling them to be part of the KsumNole’s project and at the same time earn and collect points to win prizes.

points to be earned for a pricepool every month

- KsumNole has plans to launch a gaming Dapp, with exciting features, and special effects. Players will use the NoleWater Token (AMSK — 1001699) to play the game. We wont release any specific details until the official preview launch. The Dapp will be for young and old and NoleWater (AMSK)will be fully intergrated for the Gameplay and progress in the Dapp.

Preview of one of the Heroes in the game
beginning phase of the hero.

Our main focus now is providing help to the people through cryptocurrency, while seeking more partnerships and listings; this will be our main priority.

In the Telegram group: the community will be updated about the upcoming Usecase of NoleWater, which will have a great impact on the MSK project.

- KsumNole’s current partners are: EMS Token, IWIW, TRONLOOT, CBD, BOOK TOKEN, and ELLipal.

- KsumNole has made recently a lot of giveaways on twitter to create awareness around the MSK project.

- MSK (1000935) is currently listed on and

As we gain proof of work with our charity, and by seeking the final usecase of donating with MSK, we expect a great increase in the volume and the number of holders. MSK is currently an official charity token that you can make donations with to the poor countries and support the people in need.

We want to thank our community and VIP supporters who have been here from the start, assisting and helping us.

Some facts:

Let’s stay in Touch!




Telegram chat :

Telegram info:



Feel free to message one of our team members on Telegram if you have any questions:


👨‍🌾@Cryptomichael82- Group Admin, available for your questions
👨‍🌾@deba215- Partnerships and Strategy
👨‍🌾@KsumNoleToken — CEO & Founder
👨‍🌾‍@TallFriendlyGiant — Managing Director
👩🏻‍🌾@TrueJovial — Marketing consultant and community director
👨‍🌾@VLAD_VVN — Russian Group Admin
👨‍🌾@Isaaaaaaaaaaaac — Visual Designer
👨‍🌾@Joshja — Group Admin, available for your questions
👨‍🌾@gozmiet Turkish Group admin
👩🏻‍🌾@cryptogirl79 — Group Admin, available for your questions
👨‍🌾@YEK78 Group Admin, available for your questions
👨‍🌾@crypto_pilot71 Group Admin, available for your questions

The KsumNole TEAM
May 2019



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