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A summary of the AMA in the VIP chat, hosted by Debasish

This AMA explains everything you need to know about the upcoming $NETH token.


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Debasish: What was the thought behind launching NETH?

Chevkev: Well we have been discussing with our team and community over the past year or so that we will be a multi-chain project and I believe all our early supporters have heard about our roadmap that once we go multichain; Etherium would be the first blockchain we will explore. Since NOLE cannot work on the ETH blockchain we created NETH which will deliver similar functionalities as what NOLE does on the TRON Blockchain.

Debasish: Why did you choose Ethereum?

Chevkev: There are many reasons:

The way TRON and Ethereum works is similar so it provides a seamless expansion of our existing products.

Our Head Developer Hesam is an expert in Ethereum and that facilitates faster deployment of products

In the world of smart contracts and DApps Ethereum is the market leader and thus through NETH, we gain access to a huge audience.

While sometimes the TRON and ETH community competes with each other we hope through our philanthropy platform we may act as a bridge to connect the 2 communities and spread collaborative growth

It will be easier for the ETH community to understand and appreciate our products and services.

Debasish: How does it benefit the NOLE HODLers?

Chevkev: One of the primary reasons for launching NETH was to provide a monetary benefit to our community. Our Vision over the last couple of years has been to serve our community with our services and transparency. This probably is the reason why we survived the bear market and corona pandemic. While there might be some delays in the timelines but our intent has always been to deliver with honesty and with focus on quality. NOLE is definitely not a pump token or get rich quick project, but for sure it will be a project which will deliver great value and wealth for long-term HODLers.

As stated in the Live Stream yesterday all 100+ NOLE HODLers are eligible for 1:1 NETH rewards. We will soon publish a guide on how to claim your rewards.

Debasish: Will there be dividends for HODLing NETH?

Chevkev: We haven’t created any dividend tokens for NETH, but there definitely be some surprise rewards for NETH HODLers as the project progresses.

Technically it will be like an additional Bonus for all our NOLE HODLers as they will receive free NETH and subsequently the surprise rewards.

Debasish: Why didn’t you inform the community about the first snapshot which happened on 28th?


Through the first snapshot we wanted to express our gratitude to all the loyal supports who don’t trade but HODL and that eventually helps everyone in the project gaining valuation!

The second snapshot is a tribute to everyone who continues to believe in the project and support it.

Going forward also there will be surprise benefits for both NOLE and NETH …. HODLers.

We also wanted to pass on a message that Delayed gratification pays results multifold in the long run. Everyone involved in the project will benefit; however, HODLers will benefit more.

Debasish: What is the use-case of NETH and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Chevkev: Usecases of (NETH):

  • As a trading pair for ETH tokens getting listed on NoleX
  • As a listing fee for Ethereum based tokens
  • Will be used to pay a reduced trading fee for ETH trade pairs
  • Ethereum community will be able to contribute to charity initiatives using NETH
  • Special use case in NoleLegends game in 2021
  • Underlying token for all future Ethereum based products
  • Surprise benefits for HODLers

It is unique because:

  • Very limited supply of only 1 million.
  • Majority of the circulating supply is controlled by the community so the community decides its value.

It’s a bridge to bring the TRON / ETH community together

Debasish: Any message you want to share with our VIPs?

Chevkev: Simple ….Just HODL and we will do everything possible that the $ value of your portfolio grows!

Let’s stay in touch!

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