News for all NoleWater (AMSK) investors

Blockchain Tracker:


💧 Current Holders: 30000 +
💧 Transactions made: 645,241 Txns
💧 Market cap: 396,217 USD

💧The oldest mass of water ever detected in the universe
💧The currency of NoleLegends

With NoleLegends coming up now we thought to prepare our NoleWater token for a new milestone. We thought it would be a great idea to get the TRON community involved with our NoleWater token before we start off the next stage of the BETA.
Before we start off the next stage of the BETA the storyline of NoleWater will be released for the VIP first. Where did NoleWater come from? how did it end up in the NoleLegends game? It will all be clear soon. keep an eye on the VIP chat!

Recently NoleWater has been added to the crypto treasures Game! Which is a great achievement because:

Crypto Treasures has 191,545 Downloads, AMSK is now available to all users.
Crypto Planet has 92,342 Downloads, AMSK is now available to all users also.

💧 Feel free to test it out at:

Crypto Treasures:
Crypto Planet:

💧 You can still play Games with $AMSK on

Feel free to try out any of the games there and select the AMSK token before playing.

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💧 A new update is coming:

NoleWater $AMSK will be added to the BOOM game to gamble and also put our dividend token available in more and more TRON communities before we start off our latest gem NoleLegends. We are doing this to get maximum exposure for our game and that everyone is aware that the village is starting up. The game is linked in the description of the token so everyone can find us. Making AMSK available in all the DApp in the space will give us the maximum attention before we start off the biggest use case for NoleWater

The NoleLegends DApp


Our goal is to increase the value of $AMSK overtime with the NoleLegends game. Which will benefit all NOLE holders since you can earn AMSK overtime for being a loyal holder.
Until we launch the village of NoleLegends we are going to seek more and more use-cases for NoleWater and the rest will be history.
If you want to support our DApp and project to the future feel free to obtain some NoleWater yourself at:


💧 Final Goal:

To make NoleWater an official gaming token of the TRON network that everyone is using on a daily basis.
Increase the value by a burning system in the game.
Treat it like a project on itself publish the story around Nolewater, Great marketing when the NoleLegends game goes live and shoot our second token off to the moon 🔥

Thank you for supporting our NoleWater token, Trading it or holding it, Everyone that has some is helping us with the project right now.

We wish you all a great evening!

The NoleCoin team.

Let’s stay in touch!

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Remember to hold 100 + NOLE to earn your weekly dividends!📈Trade $AMSK now on:


use $AMSK in the upcoming DAPP or on the Games!

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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.

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