Nole Ecosystem 2020 Progress Report

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To all Nolians,

In the last couple of years we witnessed a lot of good progress; starting off with just a small telegram group of 10–20 people 2 years back to having a community in many countries across the globe the community has grown into thousands of users. We were successful in conducting quite a few charity events, we got a working product in NoleX already serving our users and an epic NoleLegends at its last stage of delivery. In the last couple of years, a lot of good things happened to the Nole Ecosystem in form of exchange listing, media coverage, coin gecko/block folio listing, merchandise, etc but the most important thing which happened to NOLE in the last 2 years is YOU (the community). It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have met all of you and today apart from the project I have so many friends in form of you all across the globe. Here is a quick summary of how 2020 transpired


  • Jan 2020:

NOLE got listed on TronTrade

New merchandise was launched!

  • Feb 2020:

NoleX Launched, our cryptocurrency exchange.

AMA in the TronTrade telegram group to attract new investors.

NoleX trading event was launched to attract traders to our platform.

Medical help charity for small girl Ruby in the USA

363000 AMSK airdrop for the VIPs

NoleX mobile compatibility was launched

WIN, TERC, TWJ listing on NoleX

Total NoleX users 700

Articles in TronWeekly , CryptoAdventure news portals

  • March 2020:

Nole available on CoinGecko tracking

Youtube interview with the Nole Team

NoleX user count crossed 1000

NOLE burn started with first burn of 102 $NOLE

Corona medical supplies donated to healthcare center in Amsterdam

Clothing donated to homeless in Amsterdam during corona.

Trade fee reduced from 0.2% to 0.1% on NoleX

  • April 2020:

VIP group reached 300

NOLE total accounts crossed 10000

Expanded telegram regional communities

NOLE value reached $0.25

Project AMA hosted in the VIP chat

  • May 2020:

NoleX banner ads on Dappstats

NoleX trading and referral events

Nole Book released on Amazon

NoleX user count crossed 2000

Project count listed on NoleX reached 20

  • June 2020:

NOLE listed on tracking app Delta

New article in TronWeekly

NOLE got listed on PoloniDex

USDT market got added in NoleX

AMSK got listed on CoinGecko app

NoleX users crossed 3000 users worldwide

A new charity event in Bangladesh

Faucet feature introduced in NoleX ( First faucet in TRON exchange ecosystem)

  • July 2020:

AMA with CryptoAdventure

New article of NoleX

NOLE got listed on Blockfolio tracking app

AMSK got listed in PoloniDex

  • August 2020:

NOLE listing on Bololex Exchange

AMSK got added in Crypto Treasures app

AMSK listing on Bololex Exchange

AMSK rewards added in EggiesWorld game

Chevkev interview in ZLFTalks

  • September 2020:

New nolecoin ecosystem website launched

NOLE value reached $0.5

NOLE charity event in Bangladesh

AMSK listed on Blockfolio tracking app

  • October 2020:

NETH (expansion to Ethereum chain announced)

NOLE 2nd birthday celebration (big airdrops and party)

NETH listed on Bololex exchange


NETH available for storage on Klever app

  • November 2020:

NETH airdropped to NOLE holders

NIC ( Nole Inner Circle launched)

NoleLegends beta testing started

NETH listed on UniSwap

10000 TRX airdropped to NOLE holders

NOLE Services introduced

Visit village feature , decorations added in NoleLegends Beta testing

New Faucet ( Nole Pond) introduced in NL Beta to earn free AMSK

NOLE entered top 10 ranking on Tronscan

NOLE got listed in the Altilly Exchange

AMSK got listed in the Altilly Exchange

  • December 2020:

Project statues added in NL Beta

Weekly Christmas celebrations, rewards in VIP group

Multiple giveaways on twitter

NoleX crossed 8000 users

Blanket distribution charity event conducted in West Bengal, India

AMSK on Bololex secret santa boxes

Magical plants added in NL decoration section

Roadmap for 2021 released

Along with this what has been constantly happening throughout the year:

Weekly dividends for holding 100+ NOLE

Monthly VIP bounty with nice prizepool

NOLE burn

NOLE income share to VIPs

Celebrations and events in telegram groups

Articles introducing the VIPs to the NOLE Family

Helping each other is staying happy and positive through this pandemic year challenge.

A shout-out to our VIP community, who are supporting us every day by flooding Twitter with our ecosystem and doing a good word for NoleCoin.

Now it's time for the real work! Launch NoleLegends, enter the Ethereum space, and having the TRON side running at the same time. We do this to always excite our investors, increase their investment value, and deliver value afterward.

Our guiding principle has been to deliver value for our supporters and we will continue moving forward with that INTENT. We know the fact that we cannot satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time, but our intent will be to ensure value is delivered to a maximum of our community members; for eg NETH is one such initiative that helps in increasing the portfolio dollar value of our TRUE HODLers. We will keep coming up with such initiatives that benefit the majority.

We are not fortune tellers that we can predict the future but we believe in action so we will keep innovating and trying out new ideas. Some will work, some won't but in the insight, we will gain either increased valuation or increased knowledge or both.

Thank You NoleFamily for your continuous support and together let’s build an epic ecosystem that provides passive income, knowledge, positivity, and happiness to everyone involved.

Author: Debasish


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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.

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