NOLE: Expanding to Ethereum Ecosystem

Greetings Nolians!

Today we are happy to share with you all an interesting progress plan which we feel will benefit all loyal NOLE supporters. In our Endeavour to expand our horizon and explore a bigger audience, we will soon be expanding our services on to the Ethereum blockchain. This we feel will help us increase our user base and also probably act as a bridge to connect the TRON and Ethereum community.

Towards this step, we are pleased to announce that we are launching our token on Ethereum — NETH.

NETH Details:

Etherscan Link:

Total Supply: 1000000

Contract: 0xD57B4D497e01bB9053bafAC595be5Ca8Dc412d18

Decimals: 18

Token Type — ERC20

Token Lock — 500k locked till the end of 2021

Release Plan — 50k tokens per year starting 2022

Pls, use the above information to ‘Custom Add’ NETH in your respective ETH wallets.

Listing: NETH will initially be listed on NoleX as NETH/ ETH pair and followed by other exchanges and UNISwap!

NoleX will open up ETH trade pairs in Q1, 2021

Usecase (NETH):

As a trading pair for ETH tokens getting listed on NoleX

As a listing fee for Ethereum based tokens

Will be used to pay a reduced trading fee for ETH trade pairs!

Ethereum community will be able to contribute to charity initiatives using NETH

Special use case in the NoleLegends game in 2021

Underlying token for all future Ethereum based products

Surprise benefits for HODLers

Now comes the good news for all loyal NoleCoin HODLers!

We are super excited to announce that we will be performing a 1:1 NETH Reward for NOLE Dividend holders (Wallets holding above 100+ NOLE).

Reward Process:

We will soon set up a Reward page and share it in the groups. Pls visit the page [once it is live] using tronlink or tronwallet of your NOLE holding wallet; the page will capture your TRON address.

Enter your ETH address where you would like to receive the NETH airdrop. Please mention only your MetaMask ETH address (Do not mention the exchange address).

The airdrop will be divided into 2 parts:

A snapshot has been taken on 28th Sep and all wallets which provide their ETH address by the cutoff time [31st Oct 2020] will receive 0.5 NETH for every NOLE captured during the snapshot.

A second snapshot will be done on a random day within a week post the cutoff date of 31st Oct 2020 and those wallets will receive 0.5 NETH for every NOLE captured during this second snapshot.

The minimum criteria are 100 NOLE to be eligible for the reward!

Post the cut-off time a claim page will be set-up from where you will be able to redeem your NETH onto your metamask address.

We thank you again for your continuous support and patronage and we promise that as we progress there will be many more pleasant surprises for our loyal supporters.


Author: Debasish

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