Nole News: October 30 2020

Important news: Nole Inner Circle Launch, Last NETH snapshot, Double dividends NoleLegends first beta testers.

  • The first and Last NoleCoin Flash Sale.

We are starting a pre-sale soon with 50000 #NoleCoin available for a limited amount of time of 3 days. we do this so all our NoleCoin members can enter the Inner Circle once we start on November 1.
500000 $NOLE will go in lockdown after that until December 31, 2021.

Exchanges that NoleCoin will be available for the amount of 3 days:




The exact prices will be announced tonight at 20:00 GMT + 1 in the VIP chat.

  • What's also on the planning.

Since our community is number 1 we are doubling the dividends of NoleWater until we go fully live with NoleLegends
We have set a welcome gift of 100 $NETH for every new NIC member that enters the room.

More information:

To be eligible for the N.I.C

  • 5000 $NOLE in your wallet.
  • Must be a VIP member

At welcome, the N.I.C will see the full planning of the project as well as all the team members that are available for a chat at any time of the day helping you out with your NoleCoin journey.

On November 1 you can share your wallet address where you have your 5000 NoleCoin stored and after a few questions and a vote. you will be invited to the inner circle!

We hope to invite you to the NIC anytime soon.

  • NETH Reward update!

for the $NETH earners, we are going to delay the last snapshot until after the flash sale so everyone can save up any $NOLE to receive their last 0.5 $NETH reward for the second snapshot.
We kindly ask our Nolians to inform your fellow Nolians, colleagues, and friends. Since the biggest sale ever is starting on Sunday!

Congratulations to all NoleLegends who are going to put their first steps into NoleVille Together with Hesam and a team of 10 people we are going to evaluate the village, fish out bugs test, test and test even more.

We will keep the N.I.C and the VIP informed on how this progress is going.

When we are confident enough the servers are ready for the public we will open up NoleVille for everyone.

Last note: All NOLE you pick during the flash sale will be eligible for Double Dividends as announced above and also will be eligible for NETH drops ( do remember to withdraw them from exchanges)

Have a great weekend VIP


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More information:

Thank you Champions for supporting our project.