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4 min readAug 19, 2020

NoleCoin (NOLE) is a TRON based currency that aims to create a mark in the Philanthropy, Gaming, and Trading (Exchange) industry. We are creating an ecosystem for young and old to enjoy for years; be it for trading tokens on our exchange, playing our online DApps (Decentralized Applications), or wanting to spread happiness in participating in the philanthropic causes. Additionally, users can have a chat with the co-creators of the project, uplifting projects, and help them succeed in the TRON space. All transactions made within our ecosystem are driven by our currencies NoleCoin and Nolewater.
NOLE project started off in October 2018 when it was first called KsumNole.

The ecosystem now exists of:

CEO of the foundation, Chevkev, and his team are working together on a decentralized future using crypto technology. It is one of the fastest-growing TRON projects in the crypto industry which is 404 co-owners strong and has 15 + team members working every day to grow our community.

We own a private VIP member room where we discuss the project in detail weekly, Host AMA events to introduce other projects to our community, Have fun Gaming and Quiz nights. It feels like a family feeling when you are with us, and at the same time growing something useful and needed backup up by a humble cause.

More information about the VIP room

Now NoleCoin is looking to go mainstream and has as a goal to serve 10 million people worldwide before 2022. NoleCoin will educate people about blockchain, help them set up their own projects. Uplift our members to reach their full potential and deliver a strong currency for our community members to use for years. All the team members have years of experience in the Crypto industry but are also learning every day. This is an amazing learning Journey!

The gaming Market Will Surpass $200 Billion by 2023

Feel free to preview our DApp here: It is a project that we first introduced to the community in 2019 and is now getting ready for testing. Choose 6 legends to grow feed, take care, and loot crypto from on a daily basis. With NoleLegends everyone will be able to create an crypto income!

Feel free to preview our Exchange here: An exchange that is made to uplift other projects in the space for a better future. NoleX wants to contribute to the adoption of TRON and the crypto-industry, so we are providing startups a platform to list and grow their project with us.

Invest Here (NoleCoin) our main currency

Invest Here (NoleWater) our gaming token

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(Make sure you have enough TRX funds to convert to NoleCoin)
(Warning: Cryptocurrency investing has its risk and this is not an invitation for you to spend money)

In 1.5 years we managed to get a price of $0.48 Cents from $ 0,029 an asset and we are growing every day.

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NoleCoin is working with major TRON projects and leaders as an alliance to build a decentralized future together using the best security in our products and having a clear vision of creating the most innovative ecosystem in the TRON space.

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