Nole VIP Club: Vision 2020 and beyond 🚀

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Greetings Nole VIPs,

VIP stands for the Very Integral Part of our family. We consider our VIPs as co-creators and co-owners of the project. When the VIP club was created in December 2018 it came with a set of intrinsic benefits like:

Welcome Tokens.

VIP Card with your own personal VIP number.

Eligibility for frequent airdrops with long-timers so that people didn’t have to be active every hour.

A platform for building a friendship with prominent people of the TRON community.

Exclusive celebrations and airdrops whenever the project achieved any milestone.

A community focused on driving global philanthropy activities and causes.

As we progressed in this journey of building the Nole Ecosystem we started to envision the VIP club also to become a tool to achieve financial freedom for all our loyal supporters and we started to figure out ways to add value to our VIPs wealth creation process and generate avenues through which our VIP members can earn a lifetime passive income.

Q1 of 2019 we launched the VIP Pricepool initiative to reward our VIP supporters through monthly bounties. On an average 20–25000 TRX worth of tokens were shared with the VIP community on a monthly basis. A lot of VIPs have been able to recover their total VIP subscription cost or more through this initiative.

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In Q2 along with philanthropy, we started to work on delivering our promise to the community of building a DAPP and the work on NoleLegends started. We had 2 choices at that point in time: 1. to build a plug and play simple DAPP or another gambling platform or 2. To take the difficult route of building an epic MMO game, this is complex in creation but will stand out of the crowd once it’s done. Knowing our community which beliefs in the long term vision we choose the difficult path which would require every single code for the smart contract to be built from scratch. NoleLegends now is almost 70% done and with every passing week, we move closer to fulfilling one of our biggest promises to the community.

As the building process continued in Q4 2019 the beta platform started to generate some turnover and that is when we moved closer to our long term vision of VIPs being co-owners of the Nole ecosystem. Q4 of 2019 led to the below-mentioned value addition for our VIPs:

1% of monthly AMSK turnover to be shared with all our VIPs(Has already been done for the last 3 consecutive months).

5% of monthly AMSK turnover to be burnt thus reducing the supply and helping the valuation of AMSK holding.

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Image for post The most simple to use TRON exchange!

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As we entered into 2020 we embarked on another major milestone by upgrading our P2P market to a full Exchange with the ability to list tokens outside of TRON too like ETH, EOS, IOST, etc. Delivery of this product to our community adds a lot of value to all our long term supporters. The benefits added for all our VIPs post-launch of NoleX include:

1% of Nole earned through trade fee will be shared with VIPs. That’s one more income avenue for our VIPs.

5% of Nole earned through trade fee will be burnt thus adding value for the token.

5% of the income generated through advertisement will be used to buy back Nole from the market and burnt thus further reducing the circulating supply.

Since the Token listings have started, here are additional benefits for our VIPs:

1% of the Listing fee collected will be shared with VIPs

5% of the listing fee collected will be used 50% each to buyback and burn AMSK and NOLE.

With the above benefits, we feel NoleX will now immediately start adding great value for all our supporters.

Q1 of 2020 we have also launched our Merchandise segment; as brands NoleX, NoleLegends, NoleCoin build up this will also start to increase turnover.

1% of Turnover generated through Merchandise will again flow to the VIPs.

2020 when we have all our products running we foresee passive income of all our VIPs increasing monthly as well as the valuation of their holding will see an upsurge.

However, this is not the end but the beginning of this glorious journey; once both NoleLegends and NoleX are fully up and running we will embark on expanding our Nole Ecosystem and add more products and services in our offerings to the community. And as always we would plan things to share the benefits back to the community.

How to join the VIP club?

To become a VIP, you only have to:

  1. Send 3000 TRX to TPVkcFYTEi9Dia45AveiTcaYoaU9ux7xC7
  2. Share TxID with @chevkev on Telegram
  3. We will invite you to the VIP club and you will receive your welcome Goodie bag!

Thanks again for your continued support and patronage; together we will make 2020 a happy and prosperous year indeed.

Author: debasish

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