Nole Vision Part 1.

To all NOLE supporters!

I would like to sincerely thank each of you for supporting Project Nole and bringing the project to where it stands today. In this article, I would like to share a broad overview of what we have been working on in the background and what our vision is going to be for the year 2020. Every initiative we take would be with the Endeavour to become the most trusted and transparent project within the #TRON ecosystem.

PHILANTHROPY: Philanthropy continues to be one of our big focus areas and we envision delivering bigger and better acts of goodness compared to 7 philanthropic projects which were done in the last 12 months: .

In the month of February 2020, the $AMSK tab will get added on the charity page where the monthly allocation will be put from the NoleLegends game. The information will be shared with the community via twitter and telegram messages every month and also the same will be visible on the charity page real-time. A percentage share from the NoleX income will also be announced and allocated to the charity initiative once the overall system is tested and stabilized.

Philanthropy is all about caring and sharing, and blockchain makes it all the more possible to make the world a big happy family. In our VIP and other community rooms, we have many people with a reputed background and a huge network of connections; we seek your support to establish direct contact with global unfortunate events like natural disaster/illness/famine/ malnutrition, etc. Establishing the right contact for the needy people who can deliver the funds collected is critical so that donations from everyone on the platform reach the right people.

Philanthropy is not only about contributing money; it’s about contributing in any way possible to reach out to anyone in need, be it through donation, establishing contact, delivery of the goods to the needy. SHOUTOUT to all VIPs and community members who can help establish the right contacts with the people in need. We currently are also looking out for a volunteer who can take up the initiative for reaching out to legitimate philanthropy causes and establishing the right contacts. In case you wish to volunteer request you to please drop a message to @chevkev on telegram.

NOLELEGENDS: 2020 will be the year when NoleLegends will go mainstream. Unlike a basic Dapp in a couple of months, you will have a one of its kind gaming experience within the blockchain domain. A detailed roadmap of the development will be published this week which will be shared with the community. Also, there will be some surprises in store for our early supporters during the launch event. Post-launch there will be a lot of marketing campaigns driven to create mass awareness about NoleLegends. This will also benefit the Nole holders who earn weekly AMSK dividends as the use-case in-game for AMSK would grow exponentially. Also to reiterate 1% of the monthly turnover generated will be equally shared with the VIP community.

NOLEX: We feel really proud to deliver to our community; a full exchange within a very short span of time. Shout out to our Magic Developer Hesam and his team for bringing NoleX from conceptualization to execution stage with a lot of hard work and passion. Last 2 months he worked 12–14 hours a day without taking any breaks to create NoleX. After beta testing, NoleX will open up for TRON token listing this month. We had earlier envisioned only a P2P exchange to trade in-game assets but later upgraded it to a full exchange with logical reasoning that it will benefit the project, community, and philanthropy.

Opening up token trading will bring in new users which will, in turn, create more visibility for NoleLegends (Thus helping the NoleLegends investors), every trade will contribute to the charity pool(thus helping the philanthropy initiatives), NOLE consumption through 50% discount offer will build-up further use case of NOLE (Thus helping the NOLE investors) and overall 1% of NOLE earned from the trading fee will be shared equally with the VIPs. Believe we are as close to creating a great WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved. Further, 5% of the income generated through advertisement on NoleX would be used to buy back NOLE from the exchange and burnt thus further reducing the circulating supply.

Q2 2020: Q2 will be all about expanding the community, aggressive marketing and bringing both the working products — NoleLegends & NoleX to the masses. This will go along simultaneously with philanthropic activities both big and small. In Q2 we will also work on expanding the token listings. NOLE is already available on TronTrade and PlayRoyal. Q2 will also be the timeframe for expanding the Merchandise offering.

Q3-Q4 2020: This will be the timeframe when we start preparing to become an SR with TRON. Also, we will lay the foundation for another new project with-in the NOLE ecosystem.

NOLE PHILOSOPHY: As stated earlier the underlying philosophy of Nole is to grow inclusively; we do not consider any other project/VIP room etc as a competition, rather we would love to be friends with everyone. Crypto is still at its nascent stage for all of us to grow organically. So continuing with the Nole Philosophy we won’t be reacting to FUD etc even if we understand their true intentions. Rather we would respond by building products that will add value in the life of our supporters. Also, we believe in a democratic way of building and would be always happy to listen to any feedback/suggestions of the community and implement them as much as possible. Every VIP member carries equal importance to us Irrespective of their investment amount.

MARKETING: We wish to clarify that marketing and philanthropy are 2 different domains; philanthropy allocations have been defined earlier in this article and when it comes to marketing we would like to follow certain well-established marketing principles with the objective of onboarding more users. While we will be doing a lot of central campaigns we will also use the referral programs (like how the biggest exchanges etc do it) to leverage ‘word of mouth’ concepts which have worked very well in the history of marketing. Since an individual puts in time and effort it is logical that they gain some rewards for the same (Request would be to not spam this feature).

Philanthropy is a matter of choice so we as a project cannot force it upon anyone. People in our community come from various domains of life; some might be already financially free which some might be struggling to get some extra funds. We as a community need to respect and appreciate every individual for the efforts put in by them in terms of investments or spreading the word around. Every individual has the freedom to choose how they use these rewards; some might choose to keep it to themselves while some might choose to donate the same or more to the charity donation box. The choice is up to the individual.

To sum it up 2020 has a lot of great things coming up, we will ensure all our supporters really enjoy this ride and gain happiness and prosperity in the process.

Author: Debasish