$NOLE Weekly dividends of $AMSK the currency of NoleLegends

4 min readSep 30, 2019


NoleCoin Dividend Program Upgrade

Item: $NOLE dividends — NoleWater payout from Monthly to Weekly — dividend earnings.

An interesting fact is that NoleLegends is the first-ever Gaming Dapp that contributes directly to charity while our community is having fun. Our main motto is philanthropy so we will integrate that in every project we do if it's clothing or gaming, we will make sure it's helping the world out.

In our Endeavour to continuously work on an initiative to build value for our community here is another good news for NoleCoin Holders! We are changing the dividend payout cycle from monthly to weekly payout.

What it means is that you don’t need to wait for a month to get your NoleWater dividend, now you will get it every week so that you can use it in the upcoming NoleLegends game.


The ratios remain the same. For example, if your eligible for 1000 NoleWater in a month; now you will get 250 NoleWater every week, depending on the snapshot taken every week. The snapshot will be taken at random time every week to avoid gaming the system and will be auto dropped into the holder’s wallet.

How to be eligible for weekly airdrops?

Simply hold 100 or more NoleCoin in any tronwallet / tronscan. please ensure you do not hold your NoleCoin in any exchange as those do not reflect in tronscan data.

Top NoleWater earners $AMSK
current $AMSK rates.

You can obtain NoleCoin on the following Exchanges:

Make sure you have Tronlink installed and a wallet assigned to login.

Play Exchange:



NoleWater Exchange:


Trade your NoleWater here that you earned on www.nolelegends.com or Buy NoleWater to Feed your legends in the upcoming Dapp!

As the NoleLegends game evolves we expect a high use-case of NoleWater and subsequent increment in its valuation. NoleCoin Dividend program is the only way to earn these NoleWater tokens. The total supply of NoleCoin is only 1 Million out of which 500k is being locked till 2021. From 2021 onwards only 50k NoleCoin will be released every year. This makes the availability of NoleCoin very limited and should help in its valuation growth as the count of Dividend users increases.

The long term vision is that NoleCoin acts as a lifetime passive income creation source.

The current monthly dividend will be paid on 11th Oct 2019 and after that, we will start the weekly program.

We will update our community weekly in this blog and we want to thank everyone that has been supporting this in this exciting year of crypto.

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