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Project NoleCoin is here to explore, build, and support mankind with the help of Blockchain technology. This message is written to everyone that is starting to learn about the NOLE project and is learning about Blockchain and the TRON ecosystem.

Welcome to NOLE! To start off with let’s explain what we achieved so far in the space.

In 1.5 years we have:

⦁ Created a core community of 350 investors and projects from different regions and interests. They are currently supporting our ecosystem and enjoying our dividends on a weekly basis.

⦁ We have a worldwide community of 10000+ community members supporting our ecosystem and currency and growing every day as we speak!

⦁ We have a developer team that is creating 2 major blockchain products (NoleX Exchange / NoleLegends gaming DApp) supported by the TRON chain.

⦁ We have been running philanthropic deeds on the blockchain and have executed 8 philanthropy projects using the NOLE ecosystem.

⦁ We have 2 tokens $NOLE and $AMSK driving the ecosystem.

⦁ We also have 3 sub-projects: Nole Merchandise, Nole Books, Nole Advertisement supporting the project with extra income. (The crypto trading exchange by Project NOLE):

Nolex is a crypto trading exchange currently supporting all TRON tokens. The next phase of development will make it a multichain exchange that will support all cryptocurrencies around the world. (BTC, XRP, ETH, etc.) (Gaming DApp by Project NOLE):

It will be one of the most exciting collectibles DApps in the space created to explore the gaming community and Esports (online gaming). It is in full development right now supported by our currencies.

Project NOLE Tokens ($NOLE and $AMSK):

⦁ $NOLE holders get proof of stake dividends $AMSK weekly depending on their holdings.

⦁ Current NOLE users: 11,692

⦁ Current AMSK users: 28,039

on 20th June 2020

⦁ The currencies are verified by Tron and available for trading on all TRON exchanges 24/7!

⦁ We gained partnerships and listings with the biggest players in the TRON scene.

⦁ A competent international team with skills and knowledge on blockchain development, marketing, and mass adoption.

⦁ Big focus on creating utility and use-cases in the upcoming years.

⦁ A lock-up plan for our investors to protect and increase the value of the ecosystem in the long term.

⦁ Token Burn mechanism to control inflation and upgrade token valuation.

⦁ Plans to increase our products and service to 15 blockchain-based products.

⦁ These products will be made on the basis of need & feedback of the costumers.

What is unique with NoleCoin?

NoleCoin follows the principle of ‘inclusive growth’. It means all the Core supporters (VIP group) are co-owners of the project and are eligible for lifetime income through all NOLE products.

⦁ Doable and reachable goals based on the opinion of the community.

⦁ Feedback of the community followed by research on the latest trends drives action and execution.

⦁ Always seeking the opportunity to invest back into our people!

⦁ An ecosystem built on Trust & Transparency.

⦁ Having a mission to expand our community to 500000 users and supporters

⦁ Aiming that before the end of 2020 our token is fully accepted worldwide and everyone can be their own bank with all benefits to come.

We are looking for you!

To complete our mission and vision of becoming the most valued token in the world we are looking for:

⦁ People that are interested and curious about the new way of transferring money and value using blockchain technology.

⦁ Investors that are looking for a project which they can grow with exponentially.

⦁ Users that can come and explore our ecosystem together with any constructive feedback to reach our goal of 500000 community members.

⦁ New core VIP members to come and enjoy all benefits of being a NOLE co-owner.

⦁ Gamers that want to come and explore a blockchain gaming community and explore our ecosystem.

⦁ Visual designers that have innovative ideas for the project

⦁ Podcast or Youtube video creators that can assist us in getting exposure for the project.

⦁ Projects and developers that want to build a better future with us.

If you are ready for the journey, Join us for a chat on telegram:

or Contact the team on Telegram:

CEO: @chevkev

Advisors: @deba215, @TallFriendlyGiant

Marketing: @JDB82, @Cryptomichael82

Development: @Hesam_bcDev

Admins available for questions:

@YEK78 Head of the Turkish community

Let’s stay in touch!

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use $AMSK in the upcoming DAPP or on the Games!

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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.



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