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I, first of all, I would like to thank our community for giving us the trust that we needed to establish our cause. We have an opportunity to change the world together using cryptocurrency. I am glad that I can play my part in this amazing cause.

Today its 21 November and we successfully completed 5 charity events using the blockchain. We have proven that giving is easier then we thought. Throughout the whole project we have been giving back to the people and our community and this is our way of living. Right now we have a request for our community to make this new event possible in Turkey, İstanbul.

We talked to one of our admins and he thought it would be a great idea to organize an event for the less fortunate in Turkey.
NOLE is organizing a Chess tournament in turkey on the 30th of November.
We ask the community to assist us in organizing this event and any donations can be made in NOLE BTT or TRX.

What will be bought?

We are organizing an event for 70 Children and Parents.

- 70 Tshirts for the children participating
- Banners
- Food and drinks
- Chess started kit
- Medals and Trophies for the participants
- Pens and notebooks
- Rent the Place to organize the event.

NOLE is taking things a step further in the non-profit sector by enabling more transparency and making sure all the funds raised go the particular goal.

- Goal 830 Dollars

Organized by @YEK78

Donations can be made on with TRX, BTT, and NOLE.

Once the fundraising has completed we will set up the event and show our community the end result and the impact we made on the people using the blockchain.

We are proud and honored to organize another event and a lot more to come!

The NOLE team.

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