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Cryptocurrency is an industry dominated by one major player. In fact, if you ask people on the street, you will realize that the majority of people questioned wouldn’t have the slightest inkling of what cryptocurrencies are. But the majority of them would know the famous “Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to dominate in the space; something that has not changed until now. But there is a whole new and exciting world of crypto trading available at the moment, anywhere, offering traders a bunch of alternatives. One such alternative is called NoleCoin or NOLE. And it’s now available on the NoleX exchange!

NoleX- The most simple to use TRON exchange | NOLE-TRX

What is NoleCoin?
1. NoleCoin is distributed by the NOLE foundation, one of the fastest upcoming TRON projects in the space, In addition to having an extremely low supply, being very reliable, NOLE is also one of the fastest Token in the whole crypto space due to the TRON platform. NOLE was made available for the public for the first time in October 2018. NOLE experienced a Value gain and also a small return in the first months but now is amongst the most reliable tokens in the space. Nole’s market cap is growing organically due to its use-cases:

It provides weekly dividends in the form of NoleWater $AMSK tokens.
- It provides a
50% discount on the NoleX trading fees!
- It is used for global
- Its supply is reduced with a monthly
burn feature.
- It has a special use-case in the upcoming Dapp —
- It will be the underlying asset for all upcoming
NOLE ecosystem projects and initiatives.

NOLE vs BTC: What is the difference?

2. When it comes to trading with Bitcoin, This is very slow, it is like the First Computer that has been made. NOLE uses TRON technology which Achieves 2,000 transactions per second.
BitCoin is almost found everywhere, With NOLE we have 3 locations where you can trade NOLE now. Due to the low supply and that our project is community-driven, the value is less fragile to circumstances but increases in value due to our progress in the project.

3. NOLE is a new token that launched in 2018 and we are building every day, Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and people are looking for newer and faster alternatives now.
4. Bitcoin has a cap of 21 Million coins. Only 1 Million NOLE tokens have ever been made, That means in 9 years (the time bitcoin started up) we can compare ourselves and the value to Bitcoin.

The average price of 1 Bitcoin today is: $ 8,774.95

The average price of 1 NoleCoin today is: $ 0,26

5. What drives the value of NOLE?
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NOLE is the newest and fastest token in the space. This means its market share could be smaller than the leading virtual coins for the foreseeable future. Additionally, trader portfolio allocation for cryptocurrencies is limited. The result is that crypto providers are competing for investor resources on a daily basis. For example, A trader who invests $1000 in NOLE, may not have the funds available to invest in Bitcoin when he/she wants a larger amount of assets.

Total Supply: 1000000
Current Supply: 500000
Timeframe by when total supply will hit the market: January 2031
Annual release capping: 50000 from 2021 onwards

Where can I Get the upcoming NoleCoin?

The NoleCoin is available at the following exchanges:

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