NoleCoin is entering the clothing branch with its own collection

2 min readJul 13, 2021

We are going to combine crypto with merchandise in the Netherlands!

The first-ever NoleCoin collection is live! Congratulations to all Nolians, Another step closer to mass adoption for our ecosystem.

Merge&ice have been putting a lot of work in to get our collection ready and is now available at:

The first NoleCoin collection. (Thank you Sili!)

Merge&ice printed clothing for several influencers in the Netherlands like Famke Louise, Qlas, Blacka, and Boef, which are some of the most famous artists in the Netherlands. Now Merge&ice is also creating clothing for us!

Merge&ice (Former Flyest prints) Also printed for major brands such as BMW Motorcycles, Meran Cafe, and TomTom.

The first collection has been put available and everyone can order!

Orders can now be placed at:

The webshop is now available in English and worldwide shipping is possible for all Nolians.

As soon as the clothing brand has been established the VIP will earn a % of the income generated on the Merge&ice, We do this to always provide our Core supporters benefits and make them create a passive income while they enjoy the VIP room.

Happy earning VIP members! Keep your VIP card ready to make sure you can earn on the income we will generate through the Merchandise.

If you ordered Merchandise feel free to share the screenshot in the VIP chat! We hope to see you all with some NoleCoin Swag in the chats soon!


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