NoleCoin, The Philanthropists on the TRON blockchain.

Dear community members,

Let's talk about a Football game that opened up the hearts of TRON philanthropists.

Around 4 pm on 30th August 2019, a whistle blew in an unknown tropical village situated somewhere in the middle of Asia which not only kicked off a football match but also kickoff new dawn of light and happiness in the lives of the villagers of Pada Harbaid, a flood-ravaged zone in Bangladesh, Asia. It was the first time the global community of NoleCoin (a philanthropy project based on TRON blockchain) got together to crowdfund a day of fun for the kids of this remote village. Team PlayRoyal (an exchange and gaming platform in TRON ecosystem) was gracious enough to be the lead sponsor of the event by donation 100% of their trading income generated over the period of 1 week of all $NOLE trading.

Children celebrating their victory.

The day started off with t-shirt distribution to the kids followed by 2 thrilling matches played in 2 categories: Kids & Teenagers. With goals pouring in at both ends it was really a high energy environment with the whole village turning out to support their favorite kids. While the kids didn’t have any formal professional training it was the sheer raw talent of these prodigies which mesmerized the audience. To be honest every kid who participated was a winner. The match culminated with the kids receiving blessings from the village elders followed by Nole Royal Champions Cup 2019 and medals.

This followed by the distribution of snacks and juices for the kids and the event ended with a month of supply of basic essentials like ration, rice, pulses, cooking oil etc being distributed to the villagers. This was where we understood the real power of blockchain and if put in good use how it can positively impact humanity. People who donated or people who received the donations do not know each other and probably will never meet each other but still, there is this invisible bond of brotherhood which connects us and that is what makes this Earth a habitable planet. A huge shout-out to all the community members, who contributed in bringing a smile on the faces of these kids.

About NoleCoin: NoleCoin project started in Q3 2018 with a vision to use blockchain technology in the charity domain to bring in higher transparency, trust, accountability and thus help people in need. While the focus is to help people of third world counties the philanthropy initiative will also try to solve global issues like pollution, education, women empowerment, health etc.

Previous events where supplies have been handed out.
NoleCoin before the rebrand.

We will keep performing Philanthropic activities every month and if you want to support us, remember to #HODL some Nole and see you in the upcoming Dapp!

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A new briefing will follow soon and a Video about this special day will be released next week!

Thank you, Everyone.

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