NoleCoin X 2 year celebration!

4 min readOct 9, 2020


Dear Nolians! It is the time of the year again; a community letter from me. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the last period again. We managed to face one of the most difficult obstacles a project could have, but NoleCoin is only getting stronger. I must say I am proud of everyone that is supporting our ecosystem.

What a ride, so much progress in the first year, the second year full development modus, and now before the end of the year, we will have 2 fully functional blockchain products created by our master crafter Hesam and his team about to be delivered to the community. Hesam and I have a great bond and are dedicated to make this project a success Together with the vision of Deba and TFG and all the team members we are creating worldwide exposure in under 2 years. We started off on TRON and now will be going Multi blockchain by introducing our NETH token. NETH Is very special for us since our goal with NETH is to increase our community count by 1000 %. The complete journey with TRON that we did we are going to do all over again with Ethereum but now with a full ecosystem backing it up. We personally think NoleCoin deserves a lot more value then it currently has now, but all together, if we spread the word with our friends and family members before the end of the year we will see the first REAL value of NoleCoin and NETH.

Not to forget our dividend token NoleWater the engines for which are starting up soon with the NoleLegends game. We have a complete ecosystem here and a loyal and amazing community backing it up. I couldn’t close off the year 2020 better than seeing this result with my own eyes. Thank you community I am honored for life.

A shout-out to our VIP community, who are supporting us every day by flooding twitter with our ecosystem and doing a good word for NoleCoin.

Now its time for the real work! Enter the Ethereum space and having the TRON side running at the same time. We do this to always excite our investors, increase their investment value, and deliver value afterward.

With the support of our community, we have survived the bear market, the corona pandemic, other challenges while many projects who started in the same TRON blockchain had to shut down their projects. It’s a testimony of the great believe system and support the NOLE Ecosystem has from its precious community. The Endeavour of the project will be to live up to the community expectations and create long term financial freedom, wealth, and residual income for our long term supporters.

p.s: Like we did with NETH we will continue to plan and execute pleasant surprises for long-term NOLE HODLers.

Now it’s time to celebrate our second birthday!

Here is a summary of September progress:

NoleCoin rising in price over the last 3 months
NOLE with only 1 million supply being burned every month! userbase growing rapidly over the last months
Product income listing count

Thank you, everyone, that is holding 1 NoleCoin or more, Supporting us in the chats, contributing to our charity events, using our exchange, early supported the game, bought a piece of merchandise, joined our VIP room. It is time to shine now team!

Happy 2-year celebration and see you all in the VIP chat.


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