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4 min readFeb 24, 2020

$TERC and $NOLE join hands to connect the TRON community.

Team NoleCoin is happy to announce an alliance with Team Tron Europe (TERC). This partnership envisions leveraging the mutual community potential to spread awareness about philanthropy, Gaming, Dapps, Super Representatives, Exchanges to the ever-increasing TRON community; thus creating a platform to connect people who love the TRON ecosystem.

The alliance plans to provide an environment to the masses which is decentralized thus creating a democratic, transparent and inclusive eco-system. Team TERC and NOLE decided to join hands because both found a lot of synergy in the value system: leveraging technology to help mankind. Both projects are leveraging blockchain as an underlying technology for product development. The platform used is the TRON protocol which has been chosen for its fast transaction speed and scalability provisions for future growth. While TERC wants to connect global gamer populations that are digitally connected, the goal of NOLE is to connect with the populations which are involved in philanthropy. The synergy is also exhibited in the community-driven approach which both the teams have in driving the project forward. TERC adopts an inclusive approach through its TERC reward token. Nole involves the community through its VIP (Very Integral Part of Nole) program to decide on the future progress path and considers them as co-owners of the project.

TERC token has a supply of 10 billion tokens!

NOLE total supply is capped at 1 million!

As the use case of both projects increases HODLing these tokens would be valuable and with greater adoption, the investor portfolio will also grow exponentially. Eventually, the biggest synergy is the COMMUNITY and the endeavor of both projects is to ensure they make the community happy, prosperous and add value to their life.

NoleX Listing: Taking the alliance forward TERC will be the first Token (Not owned by Mr. Justin Sun) to be listed on the NoleX exchange. This will mutually help both the projects in terms of increasing liquidity for TERC and trade volume for NoleX.

About Tron Europe: As one of the earliest and reliable TRON Super Representative, the project has high credibility and support within the TRON ecosystem. They represent the voice of the community through their feedback and votes on TRON governance. As one of the most active nodes, it contributes immensely to network Stability. Also, they provide an e-sports driven ecosystem for developers to build dapps on their platform.

Salient Features:

Community driven.

TRON Super Representative


Dapps in Development on its ecosystem- GameOfTRONS, BeFaster, DVM, Aftermath Island.

Existing partners — TronWeekly Journal, John’s Tron Squad

Single platform for individuals & developers.

Dedicated and competent team.

About NOLE: Nole is an ecosystem on the TRON blockchain-inspired by the philanthropic activity of Mr. Elon Musk and is based in the Netherlands. Nole project started in Q3 2018 with a vision to use blockchain technology in the philanthropy domain to bring in higher transparency, trust, accountability and thus help people in need. Along with the Philanthropy team, Nole recently launched their own trading exchange — NoleX and are simultaneously building an MMO Dapp- NoleLegends.

Salient Features:

Community driven.

Fast and borderless charity platform.

Transparent, Accountable and Trustworthy.

Own Trading exchange — NoleX.

Low supply of tokens.

MMO gaming Dapp — NoleLegends.

Increasing core supporter community (VIP Club).

Merchandise sales with proceeds linked directly to charity wallets.

Dedicated and competent team.

Author: debasish

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