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Tron Weekly and Nole forge their friendship forward

Team Nole and Team Tron Weekly have been working in collaboration since early 2019, and now they have taken this friendship another step forward with the listing of Tron Weekly’s native token TWJ on Nole’s new exchange NoleX. Tron Weekly has been a great supporter of philanthropy and has supported numerous campaigns of Nole throughout 2019.

About Tron Weekly: They are one of the leading sources of high-quality news and articles related to blockchain in general and are not limited to TRON in particular. The Team under the able leadership of co-founders Anoop and Roopa have built a robust ecosystem of quality unbiased news. They have a pool of great authors and journalists to cover various aspects of news, articles, economic and technical analysis and host of other subject matters.

Team Nole has created a cordial relationship with many of Tron Weekly Team members like Adi, Akash, Ali and many more.

Salient Features:

Community driven.

Authentic news source.

Native token — TWJ for Advertisements, Press Release and other usecase.

Respected within the TRON Community.

Conducting and participating in Global blockchain awareness campaigns.

Dedicated and competent team.

About Nole: Nole is an ecosystem on TRON blockchain-inspired by the philanthropic activity of Mr. Elon Musk and is based in the Netherlands. Nole project started in Q3 2018 with a vision to use blockchain technology in the philanthropy domain to bring in higher transparency, trust, accountability and thus help people in need. Along with the Philanthropy team, Nole recently launched their own trading exchange — NoleX and are simultaneously building an MMO Dapp NoleLegends.

Salient Features:

Community driven.

Fast and borderless charity platform.

Transparent, Accountable and Trustworthy.

Own Trading exchange — NoleX.

Low supply of tokens.

MMO gaming Dapp — NoleLegends.

Increasing core supporter community (VIP Club).

Merchandise sales with proceeds linked directly to charity wallets.

Dedicated and competent team.

Author: Debasish

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