NoleLegends 2019 Grow your legend, Be a legend !

The Battle for NoleVille has begun !

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Secure your legend. Let your story breathe new life.

This is NoleLegends, a world full of beauty , kindness and life. Yet the very life force of this world is being threatened and the land of Tron is at risk. The forest cries for its fallen brethren and is ready to join forces with the Tronix of the land to save Tron and bring peace to its wonderoys and eccentric inhabitants once more.

This is where our story begins. Which treefolk will you merge with? How will your legend unfold? Only together can we free the world of Tron, from oppression and slavery, will you have what it takes?

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Seeds from the realm have been delivered to the first of the legends!

on the first ever seeds will be available in a ISO (initial seed offering) ( the exact date will be announced soon)

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The known NoleLegend seeds include:

kerala- born from the banana fruit is a spiritual leader who’s power of influence inspires the young to grow quickly.

Although she may consume more NoleWater than most her ability to restore faith in her fellow legends is not to be over looked!

TallFriendlyGiant- born from the Pear Fruit is an enormous tree, slow to evovle but resiliant beyond compare its size is rarely matched amongst the trees of Tron and is the biggest tree in Noleville its roots run deep and its trunk is large enough to hollow into a home! (But don’t tell them that.) Much more to this Legend than meets the eye.

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We have also heard rumors in the breeze that there are many more seeds that will produce other amazing NoleLegends for you to play and defend Tron.

Some of the unusual fruits discovered are





What could these fruits hold?

Find out much more about them soon!

All of these special seeds are rumoured to contain the genetics of some diverse, powerful and exciting new NoleLegends you will be able to enjoy. The time is now, what will your destiny hold, how will you build your future? Only you have the power to end corruption and save the land from those who wish to control it.

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