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NoleLegends: AMSK Consumption Projection

With the October update coming up the complete NoleLegends economy will be moving to $AMSK. Presenting below is a snapshot of the consumption pattern we can expect in the coming months.

$AMSK Consumption Projection in

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The above-mentioned projections have been made with a realistic perspective so as to give our players and investors an overview of how the demand will shape up in the coming months. This will help all the readers access our progress and also make calculated investment decisions. The pricing of AMSK will be determined by the market Supply and Demand and the NoleLegends Dapps will ensure the use case of AMSK within the game creates the required demand.

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$AMSK is currently Listed on:


Play Royal:

Few Important points to note in the above-mentioned projections:

⦁ It is based on a pessimistic viewpoint that all players buy and maintain ONLY 1 SEED ( in real life the count of seeds bought by players is expected to be more)

⦁ We have taken a safe assumption that 88.5% of the players buy only low-value seeds (Dwarf,Hawnthorn)

⦁ 8 Billion $AMSK will be locked till Jan 2021.

⦁ The Player Count growth will be triggered by:

⦁ Promotions by our VIP supporters and community members.

⦁ Referral program.

⦁ Registration on Dapp Sites.

⦁ Listing on Exchanges.

⦁ Influencer campaigns.

⦁ YouTube Videos and promotions.

⦁ Marketing campaigns.

⦁ Partnerships.

Below is a quick snapshot of how the Year 1 Consumption will shape up at various efficiency levels:

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Further, 5% of the game economy will be sent to Burn Address thus contributing towards the valuation.

Our Endeavour for the next 1 year will be to provide :

⦁ A great gaming experience for our players.

⦁ An automated process of raising funds for philanthropy.

⦁ A sound investment platform that can provide consistent cash flow and good gains in portfolio valuation.

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Author: Debasish Das

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