NoleLegends community letter

NoleLegends Big update!

Decorate your own village!

Well, we have been testing for 2 weeks now and Hesam decided to put some extra flavor behind the development and all BETA players can now customize their village to their taste and look to show off to their friends later!

This is very cool since these decorations will be tradable on the market also and a game economy will be created around the legends decorations and tools. (very good for the NoleWater currency)

Trade NoleWater at:

First NoleLegends update

Wheelbarrow and hammer are added to the game
with the wheelbarrow, you can drag a tree to another empty field.
dead trees, seeds, and saplings cant be moved.

Decorate your village:

when u press the hammer u enter the edit mode where u can decorate your village.

Starter pack :

every player has a starter pack of decorations.
just drag the item from the sliding bar in the top right to an empty grid; u can also change its position by dragging.
if u drag an item to the warehouse it will be deleted from the scene and added to your inventory again.
More and more BETA testers will be added during the month of November and we want to thank everyone for supporting our NoleWater token as well as the NoleLegends game. It is time to show the crypto world what NOLE is about and deliver an epic gaming experience on the Blockchain.

NETH updates:

the first $NETH trades are a fact! We kindly ask the community members to add liquidity to the pool!

Feel free to trade NETH at:

Upcoming NoleLegends updates:

✅ (NEXT UP) Harvesting and fruit market

This is the next step we are going to take and it will be announced in the BETA tester group first.

2) amordadShop where u buy seeds, spells and extra decorations
3) signup
4) unlocking new regions
5) achivements and contests.
6) loot boxes
7) activating spells
8) making the roadside shop functional

We kindly ask you to stack up some NoleWater $AMSK since we are getting close to the public launch guys!

Enjoy the update community!

Let’s stay in touch!



More information:

Thank you Champions for supporting our project.



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