NoleLegends December update

Nolelegends BETA updates.

Here are the new updates we performed in the upcoming NoleLegends DApp running on the TRON blockchain.



  • Graphic Updates: Big improvement in the looks of the ingame assets.
Improved looks of the lilypads
Improved looks of the decorations.
  • New Decorations added! Free in the BETA but available for NoleWater in the live game.
Magic decorations
  • New NoleLegends Statues — Available for Projects to list your statue in the NoleLegends game. Contact us on telegram for more information!
There will only be a limit of 10 project statues for now! be fast
  • Bug fixes and improvements

- WebGL (WEB Graphics Library) Improvement.
with this new implementation, the game runs faster and the rate of lags is reduced. we have better resolution with less memory usage.
- other minor improvements.

  • region 3 is now unlocked for all users to have a better testing experience

Upcoming Updates:

1) Harvesting and fruit market

This is the next step we are going to take and it will be announced in the BETA tester group first.

2) amordadShop where u buy seeds, spells, and extra decorations
3) signup
4) unlocking new regions
5) achivements and contests.
6) loot boxes,
7) activating spells
8) making the roadside shop functional

  • We kindly ask you to stack up some NoleWater $AMSK since we are getting close to the public launch guys!

Enjoy the update community!

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