NoleLegends: FINAL update!

4 min readFeb 24, 2020


A new patch will be live soon on Desktop and mobile. Read below to learn more about the upcoming changes.

The Nole Village part is a huge expansion to the current state of the DAPP! So let’s break down some of the cool things we can expect!

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When is the village coming? I want to plant my legends!

Firstly this is where Nolians will start their legend. Having a place to set your roots will be a blessing to collectively grow your legends. Growing your legend will be unique to you and your village will reflect that. As Nolians you will be able to decorate your village with lots of collectible items, this will be really fun because when we can visit other Nolians villages your be able to see their creative touch and get inspiration for how you approach your legend and how you set their place of growth for them.

You get to choose where building are placed within the Noleville map and make your garden, buildings, and legends show off your innovations! Your village is built your way!

Please post your village to show your friends on twitter, the best village will get a epic reward transfered to their wallet.

See something in someone else’s village that you want? Because Items are built on the blockchain they can either appear as limited edition items for Nolians to buy but when they’re all gone only the players will be able to distribute them so…Maybe it’s in the shop! or the nolex exchange?

One of the really cool aspects of NoleLegends is that its connected to nole charity so not only will playing NoleLegends fund planting tree’s, by supporting NoleCoin charity you can fund your village, holding 100+ NoleCoin will give you weekly drops of NoleWater you can use to grow and decorate your Village! You can easily save and collect NoleWater so you can get limited edition items as they premiere instead of paying a fortune for them in the Shop when players decide to sell them!

So in conclusion, A lot of huge things coming for Nolians to do in their Village. One of the great things about this is the legend grows with you. The Nolian community should be proactive at throwing out ideas and helping to shape the legend alongside development. This will enable pivots and evolution of the game to happen that are for the community by the community.

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