NoleLegends Guide


Highly anticipated online growing game to release the open BETA simultaneously in multiple NOLE communities at the end of Q1 2021

  • Feedback about your gaming experience
  • Feedback on how we can improve the game
  • We ofc want to know what your favorite legend is and what other legends you want to see in the game
  • Try out the chat function
  • Try out the earning system
  • Visit your friend's village
  • Buy Hesam a beer
  • Share some NoleWater with your friends!
  • Feedback about the future updates we should add to make the game more and more attractive.

So what is NoleLegends?

NoleLegends is a Multiplayer Growing DApp created on the TRON chain to let our Nolians have fun in a safe hangout, Fully community-owned, and the players can soon buy their favorite legends and start growing them.

Where to plant your legends once you bought them at the amordad shop

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