NoleLegends Guide

4 min readFeb 23, 2021

Dear Nolians! NoleLegends is coming your way! quicker than what you think.


Highly anticipated online growing game to release the open BETA simultaneously in multiple NOLE communities at the end of Q1 2021

After a year of preparation, developing, setbacks, and lessons we came to the point to release the first-ever BETA version of NoleLegends to our community. Which is one of the most exciting things we have achieved so far in the NoleCoin ecosystem.

Interact with your favorite legends, explore and join the adventure on March 31. Whether if it's meeting up with your friends., creating new friendships, or creating a crypto income! We invite you to our next gem NoleLegends!

This is a mighty use case for our NoleWater token as well as for the NoleCoin currency. We want to thank everyone who supported the game and we can’t wait to show the first version to everyone.

Noliansss! Let me hear you in the chats!

I do want to talk about our Amazing legends now!

So who are you picking on 31 March?


Let us know in the telegram channel and have a chance to win one of these legends.

The game is still in the first stage but it is ready for everyone to test and have fun with it.

What do we need from our community once we launch the open BETA?

  • Feedback about the growing system
  • Feedback about your gaming experience
  • Feedback on how we can improve the game
  • We ofc want to know what your favorite legend is and what other legends you want to see in the game
  • Try out the chat function
  • Try out the earning system
  • Visit your friend's village
  • Buy Hesam a beer
  • Share some NoleWater with your friends!
  • Feedback about the future updates we should add to make the game more and more attractive.

So what is NoleLegends?

NoleLegends is a Multiplayer Growing DApp created on the TRON chain to let our Nolians have fun in a safe hangout, Fully community-owned, and the players can soon buy their favorite legends and start growing them.

The game is being driven by a real currency NoleWater which has been circulating among the Nolians, for the past year now. It is time to stack up your AMSK and get ready for the journey!

On 31 March Hesam and the team is releasing the first-ever version of NoleLegends.

We will start in the NIC and VIP chat and then open up for the public.

  1. When you login into the game

You can press the Sign up button to register your wallet and to start playing. After this, you have an account and you can always Sign in when you want.

Once you entered the game

The seeds that you bought will always be registered on your TRON address and visible in-game. Once you bought seeds in the Amordad shop you can start growing 1 of the 12 legends in your garden.

Feel free to deploy your seed on 1 of the patches and start growing!

with NoleCoin you can unlock special areas to be more effective in the game and buy special decorations.

With NoleWater you can feed your legends so they grow and survive, the more you feed your legends the bigger level they will get and eventually deliver daily rewards and XP.

Where to plant your legends once you bought them at the amordad shop

To learn more about the earnings and the future of the DApp, since this is the first version of the BETA, Feel free to check out the previous articles:

Nolelegends is all about growing, positivity, hanging out, play with your friends and most important create your first ever NoleLegends income!

The better you do in-game, the better results you will get. Climb the leaderboards and expect great surprises for your efforts.

If you want to step into the game early feel free to obtain our NoleWater tokens at:

See you all in-game legends and keep an eye on the main chat! since we are opening up the BETA there on 31 March.


Let’s stay in touch!



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