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The history of NoleLegends: Chapter 1 | Blockchain Collectibles | TRON

Dear Legends it is time! NoleLegends has started off and is eagerly searching for legends to assist us in preventing NoleVille from corruption!

Register now on and start your journey!

Take good care of your legends and they will last for a lifetime.

You can feed all legends with NoleWater (AMSK)

NoleLegends will provide a Cast of 6 Legends that you can grow and evolve in your own unique village. In the process of building your Village to combat the Mountain villains, you’ll recruit a variety of legends, grow them for powerful rewards, and develop buildings that benefit your legends.

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Village Basics:

  • You have access to a variety of Decorations in your village that grants you powerful benefits, but you have limited space. Choose wisely!
  • Your Village is located in NoleVille
  • You cannot move your Village, but as you Grow your legends, you can build Buildings. These give you zone-wide benefits and special powers.
  • With a Village, you can access up to 12 legends. If you do not have a Legend, you can get one traded by a friend.
  • The top 10 players and the top 10 villages will get weekly rewards!
  • Big rewards and contests will take place as soon as the village part is live.

Who are these legends and where did they come from?

The following article will tell you anything you need to know about our Legends!

NoleLegends: Tron Collectibles


Human not available yet

Tree 6 Legends available

Water not available yet

Mountain villains not available yet


For ages, the Mountain Villains plotted to scour all life from Noleville, To this end, Lord Omari possessed the Human area and the Tree area in his power. Omari's servants among NoleVille plotted together to corrupt NoleVille and destroy the peaceful Tree Faction. After the Fall of the Humans, some humans Betrayed there faction and started to live with the mountain villains while all the trees and the rest of the Humans where eliminated.

Amordad aided by Tall-Friendly Giant rebuild NoleVille until 3000 Years After Omari's attack. Our Lady forged rare seeds that would recreate and blow new life into the world of NoleVille.

Amordad Created different kinds of Trees to blow life back into NoleVille and created 5 Legend seeds that she planted after the war.

a world full of beauty, kindness, and life. Yet the very life force of this world keeps being threatened and the land of NoleVille is at risk. The forest cries for its fallen brethren and is ready to join forces with the Legends of the land to save Tron and keep peace within NoleVille.

Brave Humans Like John O'Connor, Matty, Mattys older brother Prillteo Stayed in the Human faction to rebuild their faction. Omari Tried to Let them surrender but they Managed to escape and stay in the human area. Together with the Keysmaster, they created a Forge to make sure they were protected for any future attacks. After the Attacks, they had an Enemy called Guyver which later became there best friend and allied in the human area.

Mischa The sorcerer, Hennie, and H33dshoot Later joined forces in rebuilding NoleVille.

These human faction members brewed a large amount of NoleWater and created wells to support the rebuild of NoleVille.

You will be starting off your journey with 1 of the 6 legends available.

This is where our story begins. Which Treefolk will you merge with? How will your legend unfold? will you have what it takes?

All the legends below will be evolvable into your favorite legend of choice depending on the care and effort the player is giving to it.

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Dwarf Oak: * / Starting value: 8000 $AMSK

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The dwarf tree serves as the central tree of NoleVille and is commonly used to grow apple fruits,
the strength of the dwarf tree is the fast pace it can grow fruits over time.

Character: Impusilve, Fast going and optimistic.

Weakness: Fire attacks.

Total Supply: 1600000 digital collectibles

Hawthorn: ** / Starting value: 31300 $AMSK

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A spiny plant whose identity is not certain. Hawnthorn occurs in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most Hawnthorn live in habitats subject to at least some drought. Many live in extremely dry environments and are capable of surviving for a long time. Can resist any villain attacks with his sharp spikes.

Weakness: stone attacks.

Hostile: Kerala

Total supply: 400000 Digital collectibles

Tallfriendlygiant: *** Starting value: 119000 $AMSK

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Tall-friendly-giant was originally dwarf tree but is one of the few legends that evolved differently than the dwarf tree

The seeds of tfg were modified by amordad because a strong pillar for noleville was needed during the invasion of Lord Omari.

Tallfrienflygiants also serve as guardians of noleville and is one of the best friends of Lady Amordad.

Amordad took care of Tallfrienflygiant since the first seedling and tallfriendlygiant has a high loyalty level towards amordad.

Weakness: Water attacks

Total supply: 105000 Digital Collectibles

Kerala: *** Starting value: 414000 $AMSK

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Kerala Chose the path into virtue, meditation and wisdom for the benefit of self and others. She restores faith for her fellow legends through transcendence and prayers.

born from the banana fruit is a spiritual leader who’s power of influence inspires the young to grow quickly.

Although she may consume more NoleWater than most her ability to restore faith in her fellow legends is not to be overlooked!

Kerala is a seed modified with a seed from a banana tree and ancient nolewater together.

Kerala was needed to aid the legends during the noleville war with Lord Omari and is also modified by amordad to protect the legends and noleville from destruction.

Weakness: wind attacks

Supply: 30000 digital collectibles

Khotan: **** Starting value: 1254000 $AMSK

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Khotan merged with his elders to create a pact of ancient powers to defend the world's sanity from being destroyed. Through meditation with his Buddhist past, he has been taught by the elders how to create peace through a meditative state.

Khotan will say ancient prayers during his growth time and also calls for his spirits when evolving

When Khotan is in a group the first 15 attacks of the enemy are send to a black hole

Khotan can sit tight for hours without saying anything or moving

Khotan has a spiritual powerful aura which might scare other legends to group with him

Khotan's family is 6000 years old bv Amordad and has always existed in different forms and shapes.

Amordad assigned and deployed Khotan as the first species ever to grow in NoleVille

Khotan will give spiritual tips as well as informing about the history of NoleVille during the gameplay

Weakness: Wind attacks

Supply: 10000 digital collectibles

Pitaya: ***** / Starting value: 2540000 $AMSK

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Her powers are often interpreted as protective because she is more dedicated to breeding rare Dragon Fruits and has a poisonous venom skin to show resistance to anyone who wants to steal her rare dragon fruits.


Pitaya doesn't talk only signs songs which can paralyze fellow legends in a PVP battle

Forest song: creates extra life for fellow legends to less nolewater is needed to consume.

Emerald song: paralyzes a hostile legend for 10 seconds.

Dream song; puts an enemy to sleep for 15 seconds but heals the enemy at the same time.

Pitaya is known and bound to a song protocol which only ancient tribes of noleville can master

The song is created by scrubbing her leafs together and creating a frequency

Supply: 5000 Digital collectibles

Weakness: Unknown

So legend, you made your choice? Get ready to start your journey at:

  1. Log in with your Tron wallet and buy a seed at:
  2. Join our NoleLegend army on
  3. If you want to hear all NoleLegends news first join our VIP club and enjoy 1 % of the total NoleLegends income in $AMSK monthly.
  4. Give @Hesam_bcDev a shoutout on Telegram, he is putting great work in with his team.
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