NoleLegends Patch 0.6.1 10/03/19

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General updates for NoleLegends
  1. improving the referral link and an overview of your referrals

2. referral list section will be added, where u can see all of your referrals.

3. make the game compatible for mobile.

4. some fixes in the current look:
— dashboard panel icon.
— adding descriptions to the inventory.
— adding a back button in amordadShop.

5. the main website is getting some updates:
— adding game link in all the pages.
— graphs should be back with new look and features.
— new legends should be added to hero section.

6. top ten player button is getting activated.

7. general ranking panel is getting a new improved look.

8. Transfer seed function will be added.

9. Nole Jackpot for all ISO participants will be distributed.

10. $AMSK dividends will be sent out (weekly) for all $NOLE holders.

A very important note about the referral link:

If u want someone to be your referral u should be sure that:
1. he/she is a new legend
2. he/she has signed up on the website and has purchased at least one seed or spell.
3. he/she has used your referral link when purchasing


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