NoleLegends update | Uncle Hesam

To all NoleLegends testers!

the server is reset and new testers are added:

@Nasirnaxx — TWBjGEocfqG3QLAwcm4i1w6q4Gn2i8aatu
@Zotoff85 — TKsLG6FZDa8buS4Qdx7kSfX851VzXmN1M7
@Clagge — TDLzxuCBfmP9a55MMLJwZGyDdfGWckyd2K
@Cryptomichael82 — TNzoQWnCegdWPxMZi3BYPEuFZJR3q7BV53

Welcome new Nolians to NoleVille!

✳️ What’s New?

Nole Water Pond is here 😇
every 1 hour it gives you 50 AMSK, claim it by clicking on the NoleWater logo appearing close to the pond.
if u hover your mouse on the pond u will see a time bar that indicates when your next 50 NoleWater will be ready to claim.
as u claim your NoleWater timer resets again.

✳️ Other bug fixes and improvements:

- the size of regions and available tiles for decorations are revised.
- the known bug about disappearing trees when using a wheelbarrow, is fixed. (they still may go for a walk as @Wes_7 mentioned which will be fixed but they won't disappear anymore 🤪)
- the shaking rate on the thunder effect is modified.
- other minor improvements

More updates will follow soon!

I am looking for more feedback about the game! feel free to inform me in the VIP or at

Uncle Hesam