NoleLegends V0.5 BETA launch

6 min readOct 30, 2019

Dear Legends,

The last few months have been super exciting for all of us as we together created a dream and today we will see that dream unfolding infront of our eyes in form of the NoleLegends V0.5 Beta release. NoleLegends is going to unfold into an epic experience and provide a positive and thriving experience for all our legends. Since a lot of activities have been happening over the last couple of months, we thought to provide to all of you a quick summary of this exciting journey and also information which might be useful for you.

1. NoleLegends October Updates: We decided to launch our beta in 3 different stages to make sure all the mechanics and trading system work properly. The current features that are being tested are the first elements that will be needed to exploit our vision in becoming the n1 Dapp in the world. What’s coming up today is:

Registration and Profile Creation.

Amordad Shop on $AMSK economy.

P2P market.

Check out more details at

what’s unique with NoleLegends is that the values of our legends and even decoration attributes are community owned and will be discussed by our members in our community. We have legends with a value ranging from $0.15 cents to $600(currently 10 owned by the community).

2. VIP Partnership Program: NoleVIPs have been an integral part of our project since early days and we are super excited to now introduce our esteemed VIPs as Co-Owners of the project; where in all VIPs will earn monthly passive income from the complete AMSK economy of NoleLegends. Learn more about it at:

At NoleLegends it will be our duty to maintain value of the legends by innovative community guidance and highlighting the benefits of having rare valued legends. We not only offer your own legend that you can grow and have fun with we also offer a customizable village where you can buy decorations from the market, make it your own Crypto growing space and show off to your friends how cool your village became after joining the noleville quest line.

3. Upgraded NoleCoin dividend program: NoleCoin dividend program which earlier used to give monthly Airdrop of $AMSK is now changed to weekly Airdrops so that all our dividend holders can use it for NoleLegends dapps or create a passive income cash flow with greater frequency. If you what to check out the dividend grid then click:

We are really grateful to the community for the trust and excitement exhibited towards the game and getting the ISO Completed in no time. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to change the Crypto space in something fun and release all bear market stress.

In between all this action, we also celebrated our birthday:

First Tallfriendlygiant Sketch

For us, TRON was the best platform to go with since our experienced developer Hesam knows TRON like the back of his hand and is working hard with this team to meet the expectations of the game. The sky will be the limit for us. We will squeeze out everything we got to create a epic experience, and we will do things that no other Dapp have done before. You won’t even notice that it’s running on the blockchain only.

Hesam is an experienced ETH and TRON developer who we met after a short conversation about one of the previous projects he had done. On the same day, I discussed the idea of growing plants and watering them since we had our dividend token Nolewater and our logo for MSK had a tree in it. On the same day, we were brainstorming about how the game should be called and we were already creating trees. We first choose for the name NoleCoin legends but after all, decide to name it NoleLegends.

Another great announcement came in between in the form of NoleVault where; 80% of AMSK total supply and 50% of NoleCoin total supply will be frozen till 2021. This is expected to assist the token economy in a big way:

The frozen assets will be displayed in the Vault, on the website

Living up to our reputation of keeping up to our promises; The BETA is ready on TIME and while I’m writing this message the first profiles are being tested. Nole stands for delivering and unity and we have proven that anything is possible if you have a great team together!

Cooking for all Tournament Participants.

In between all the development activities, we conducted 2 more charity events and another fundraising campaign is running now to help a baby girl raise medical funds:

Total charity events completed: 5

We were also pleased to gain the main page listing for our tokens on PlayRoyal and TronWatchMarket. This further helps in the liquidity and fulfillment of the token economy:

The Beta Phase will also introduce baby legends which will cost just approx 10% of the main legends. Apart from playing, these baby legends are new innovative tools for running giveaways, can be a cool Birthday, Halloween, Christmass, New Year gifts and can be used as a tipping tool, etc.

We also had awesome previews and videos released in the interim:




Also a big shoutout to team members, community helpers, supporters: Michael, Yek, Vlad, Joshja, Bulent, Jovial, BFG, Deba, Momchill, Guyver, Tray, MattyDaddy, MattyBell, Kitty, Taz, Olga, JD, H33dShoot, Nienke, Annepan, Superhuug, CryptoGirl, Nemo, Crypto_Fanatic, Ray, BugsTrap, Turgay, John, Rosso, and many more of you for making this dream a reality.

The NoleCoin VIP lounge.

Everyone have fun today; test the interface when you want to. Have fun on the market where you can trade your legends that you bought in the ISO. The prices of the legends are up to you community! We hope that we can create a discussion about the prices in our community groups. To make the value of the legends more interesting we will release NoleLegends lore story soon.

NoleLegends LORE will include storyline, character, benefits and indication price.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs:

See you in-game legends!

Author Chevkev & Debasish