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NoleWater ($AMSK) was born in the month of December 2018 as a dividend token. Here is a quick brief of the backstage things which has lead to popularity of NoleWater and how the use-case evolved.

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At the time of creation the primary objective was to provide liquidity and a reward token for the primary token $NOLE. The economics was pegged at 1 $NOLE: 10000 $AMSK, and that is how the total supply of 10 Billion $AMSK was arrived, which is 10000 times the Total Supply of 1 Million $NOLE.

Immediately after the creation of AMSK, the dividend program started for our loyal supporters and holders. The monthly dividend program since then has been running successfully. In early 2019 we started to expand NoleWater use-case into micro charity so that people willing to contribute to a charity in small amounts could also participate. We further started to explore it as a micro tipping token. Few initiatives we ran to increase its adoption were like tipping someone for GOOD KARMA by focusing on what are the good deeds people around us are doing.

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The major boost for the NoleWater use-case emerged with the idea of our Dapps NoleLegends. In line to our core philosophy of philanthropy, we wanted to send out a message to the world about nature conservation so that we hand over the planet Earth to our next generation in a green, hospitable and happy condition. Developing a game that could trigger this emotion of nature conservation sounded like the best possible idea and then we started work on NoleLegends. We however just didn’t want an experience to be shared to our players but we also thought to monetize the overall proposition (something which we haven’t experienced in viral games like Clash of Clans, Age of Empire, FIFA etc). 90% of the funds received in the game go back to the community (50% game economy, 20% charity, 20% Competitions & Rewards). This we believe will provide all our users not only an interesting gaming experience but also a sense of happiness for having contributed to a noble charitable cause. Further the legends grown will be a nice collectable or a high value trade proposition in the in-game P2P market.

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Only 10% of the total supply has been currently released out of which 700 Million $AMSK is allocated for airdrops to the loyal $NOLE holders. This is expected to further enhance the benefits which our supporters gain in the long term both in terms of value and experiences.

AMSK total supply: 10 Billion

AMSK circulating supply: 1 Billion

AMSK allocated for NOLE airdrop: 700 Million

300 Million AMSK in circulation among 20000+ holders. The NoleLegends game economy will run on this circulation thus is expected to drive AMSK valuation upwards. No further supply will be inducted in the market till 100% of the current circulation moves to retail investors and players. The current rate of monthly airdrop to all NOLE holders who have 100 or more tokens is approximately 2–3 million AMSK. As the spread of NOLE holder increases this will peak to 20 million AMSK per month thus giving returns on concept similar to PoS (Proof of Stake) coins.

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