Official Merchandise Partnership

3 min readJul 7, 2021

Dear Nolians! It's time to announce a new exciting partnership!

We know everyone has been waiting for the merchandise to launch and we are now entering the clothing branch! We have officially partnered with one of the larger printer companies in the Netherlands who is printing for the dutch rap scene and more and we are seeking our way into the influencers in the Netherlands to create more attention for our coin but also deliver high-quality merchandise for our supporters.

The mission of this partnership is to provide high-quality merchandise for our supporters and at the same time create adoption for our coin with the influencers in the Netherlands.

Feel free to check out the complete history here and give them a follow!

You will see NoleCoin appearing on the website anytime soon.

They consist of young entrepreneurs and the fresh attitude is reflected in their working method. Innovation, creativity, and thinking along with the customer are aspects that play a major role in the performance of the work and this distinguishes Merge&ice from its competitors.

Merge&ice is a company that doesn’t just print clothes. They see every brand as a unique project where They deliver the ideal (personalized) product through excellent cooperation with the customer. That is why they proudly show their slogan in every possible way: “Your idea, our creation”. This slogan represents the approach and vision of Merge&ice. The word ‘your’ can be linked to an individual concept and the word ‘our’ can be linked to a partnership between the customer and Merge&ice. They strive to optimize the cooperation with customers.

The company is created by Jas Flyest, who has been an entrepreneur for 10 years now and is one of the fastest-growing printing companies in the Netherlands!

We are super excited to work with her and her team!

After we launch the merchandise line people will be able to order on Telegram so keep an eye on the chat! Worldwide shipping is possible!



We will arrange a collection for all the Nolians that everyone can enjoy!

A collection will be created and payments will be accepted in Crypto, Paypal, and bank transfer.

Keep an eye on the chats and we are looking forward to start.

Let’s stay in touch!

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