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12 january 2021

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Dear Partners:

2020 marked a special year for Nole as we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the company and the completion of our exchange

The business has grown to a global brand and an international company that almost has 15000 people holding our tokens and 420 ambassadors that are co-creating our ecosystem.

The community and team building are going on strong and we are proud of what the ecosystem has to offer today if it's gaming, trading, or contributing to charity events.

Our total shares of the company are now worth more than 1 million dollars, taking into account the dividend holder program has now more than 200 stakers earning dividends around the world. having 420 Memberships which includes investors and projects. and an Inner Circle with over 18 Members in there (Minimal holding 5000 NOLE and helps us to improve the project overtime)

1-year share price development of NOLE

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  • NOLE price spiked above $1 but it failed to accelerate higher due to the BTC bull run.
  • NOLE price is now trading above the $0.40 Range.
  • NOLE will gain new momentum with the NoleLegends launch.
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A detailed roadmap is released for the upcoming 2 years.
  • Over 40 projects listed on our exchange
  • Daily userbase of 20–100 users.
  • The first Volume is Building up
  • Multi Chain development has started. (ETH,TRX)
  • 50 Beta testers fishing out the bugs and developing with us together.
  • expected launch: Q1 2021
  • 4000 players worldwide
  • Unique in-game earning system and community-driven.


  • 10 Events completed around the world

Focussing on simplicity pays off.

That is what we are experiencing right now, the community bond is getting stronger. New partnerships are being arranged in the Ethereum space, Our game is being prepared for launch and the Nolians keep expanding every day.

2021 outlook

it was an emotional moment for all employees, including myself, to celebrate our company’s birthday together for the second time and celebrating the fact that we are still standing strong. We are proud of the accomplishments we achieved together since 2018 and we are looking forward to continuing to set our mark in the crypto space in 2021.

In terms of business, top-line and strong community growth in 2020 put us in a position to complete the first steps of getting our ecosystem into the world. Although held back by certain setbacks, we increased the community size every day due to our community working together for a decentralized future.

It’s all about the long Therm

  • We will continue to focus on our community
  • we will continue to make investments in our people
  • we will continue to measure the community's voice
  • We will deliver epic products to our community

we continued to gain market share in the largest crypto community in the world and are very excited about what 2021 will bring us.

We will update our community every month with the ecosystem progress and the values we are creating in our cryptocurrency market.

We love you all and see you in 2021!

Some fun Statistics:

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Income for the VIP members
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Monthly Nole Burns.
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VIP income every month
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Let’s stay in touch!



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