Shareholder Letter | February

3 min readMar 8, 2021


  • Last Development period of our DApp NoleLegends
  • Warming up the community for the game, giving NoleX extra attention.
  • A special new in-game update will be announced at the launch
  • VIP room fee changed to $100
  • Making connections with the highest influencers in the space.
  • Creating simplicity in the brand and the chats
  • Getting NOLE ready for stage 2.
  • Services will be getting a fixed price due to the price increase of TRON

The impact of quarantines and the impact that it has on our people dramatically reduced the sales of the project. Fortunately, our brand new product is around the corner and the revenue will be improved entering April.

We are continuing to evaluate our brand structure to see what else we can do to utilize our amazing NoleCoin team to create additional revenues.

While we remain optimistic about NoleCoin's Long-term future, we are realistic about our own company's goals.

After the BETA launch of our NoleLegends DApp, we are going to hear out the community and use the feedback to keep improving our products.

It took 2 years to get our tokens ready for the market and we will see the first volume at the start of April. This will also be the time we will be registering on CoinMarketCap to attract new investors.

It's time to pay attention to our amazing Lead Developer Hesam who put in full-time work this year to make our ecosystem possible. We will be explaining Hesam's story in the next article and also the complete development process which was a rollercoaster ride and definitely deserves more attention.

Hesam started this journey by creating the NoleLegends game, Later also create our exchange called to create income for the project and maintain the ecosystem.

Next to that, he also invented the airdrop bot which was a huge help for the project and also creating anything that we needed to serve our community.

Let's all give Hesam some support in the chats by chanting:


Both Products are now ready to make their entrance into the crypto space and we are going to reach out to the complete crypto community after both products are launched.

We kindly ask the community to fully support our products while we develop and polish the brand, This will be a major help for Hesam and the team.

In Q2 we are going to extend the support team of NoleCoin to expand our ecosystem even quicker.

We are getting ready for NoleLegends! It is finally time, remember to stack up your NoleWater before we start!

For questions, you can always join us for a chat at:

Statistics of this month: