The crypto markets are a leading indicator of the far-reaching social and technological upheaval of our times. Sustainability and organic growth are rapidly gaining significance for NOLE. investors around the world.

Launching our core product, the NoleLegends DApp is our top priority right now.

We are sitting around $0.75 per share with $NOLE, stimulated by the new service system, stable community growth over time, increasing core support and a major upcoming value add to our ecosystem NoleLegends.

NOLE. is the wisest choice for all those investors who consciously embrace a combination of the two: use-cases and value. We have the resources of a strong crypto group and are making good use of these in our efforts to become a technology leader in the cryptocurrency market.

NoleCoin is also the first crypto community in the TRON space to commit to the charity sector and perform philanthropic events using blockchain technology. By 2025 we aim to grow to the largest crypto community in the world.

fasten your seatbelts Nolians 🚀

Recap of January

  • Focussing on the growth of the team
  • Expanding our development team
  • Putting future ideas for NoleCoin on paper
  • Stimulate the service side of the NoleCoin ecosystem
  • Preparations of the gaming DApp NoleLegends.
  • Getting AMSK NOLE and NETH on the map.
  • The first design for the Defi product of NoleCoin has been made.
  • First NFT plans are being made to implement it in our ecosystem

Statistics at the end of January

  • NoleCoin holders: 14,683
  • NoleWater holders: 46,298
  • NETH holders: 153
  • Total company Networth: + 1 million dollars
  • VIP members: 444
  • NIC members: 17
  • Telegram Members: 3894
  • Twitter followers: 8000
  • Medium Followers: 280
  • Youtube subscribers: 665

The Month of February will be all about a big push in our community growth. Before we launch our NoleLegends DApp we want 10000 players ready to come and plant some trees with us, we will do this as a collective in the TRON community. An official launch is coming closer and closer and Nolians will be informed once we go live for the public.

Community support is increasing dramatically due to the team that is working hard together to get the job done and also connecting with the complete crypto space.

We reached a peak of 300 + NOLE. earned in the passive income pool which will be shared with the VIP again every month. Feel free to join the VIP chat if you want to start earning.

We recently started our new Project: Nole Service where we educate entrepreneurs to do the same as we did, and the first projects are being created right now! We also offer any service that is needed for a project to get it started up. We do this to innovate while we develop our ecosystem.

We are also improving the quality of our ecosystem. Sales Revenue and profit grew faster. More and more content is being added to the VIP chat and we will start off the month with 3 fresh AMAs where projects can introduce their project to the community.

We are going to continue our mission of enriching our Nolians to the fullest, Join the journey with us and become wealthy with NoleCoin!

There is much to be done. Our industry is changing radically, with us driving the train. NoleCoin is on course to become a worldwide crypto group. I look forward to your continued support on this crypto journey.


Some fun statistics:

People buying up NOLE to earn NoleWater every week.
NOLE burns reduce the total supply every month
The users off are growing rapidply
We are always able to cover our basic expenses and maintain the ecosystem.

Let’s stay in touch!



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