The crypto markets are a leading indicator of the far-reaching social and technological upheaval of our times. Sustainability and organic growth are rapidly gaining significance for NOLE. investors around the world.

fasten your seatbelts Nolians 🚀

  • Focussing on the growth of the team
  • Expanding our development team
  • Putting future ideas for NoleCoin on paper
  • Stimulate the service side of the NoleCoin ecosystem
  • Preparations of the gaming DApp NoleLegends.
  • Getting AMSK NOLE and NETH on the map.
  • The first design for the Defi product of NoleCoin has been made.
  • First NFT plans are being made to implement it in our ecosystem
  • NoleCoin holders: 14,683
  • NoleWater holders: 46,298
  • NETH holders: 153
  • Total company Networth: + 1 million dollars
  • VIP members: 444
  • NIC members: 17
  • Telegram Members: 3894
  • Twitter followers: 8000
  • Medium Followers: 280
  • Youtube subscribers: 665
People buying up NOLE to earn NoleWater every week.
NOLE burns reduce the total supply every month
The users off are growing rapidply
We are always able to cover our basic expenses and maintain the ecosystem.

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