Shareholder Letter | March

5 min readApr 26, 2021

Dear Shareholders,

The NOLE journey started in Q4 of 2018, and for an annual report, I’ve decided to write you all a personal letter. I’ve got the time (Took some rest after this long period), but they're also happens to be a great deal I want to tell you about our company: the NOLE ecosystem has started up! the exciting productions now underway at NOLE (NoleLegends and NoleX), and the progress we’re making in building a world-class crypto project. We have also embarked on a new strategic course for NOLE which will carry us through our next decade. There are only a few limits to what we are about to achieve, We made it this far already and the sky is the limit for us right now. This is such a time for NOLE, and I’m thrilled to be able to tell you more about what is going to happen in the second chapter of the NoleCoin project.

Is everyone excited to start off? Well, I am, I have been looking with a smile at the chats the last 2 weeks while taking a break and I must say, life is boring without NoleCoin. All these happy people, Everyone working together for a better future, The positivity, I never found such a positivity source in my life like NOLE. We are all on the same frequency and on the same mission.

This is your show! the community voice is very important for us so please keep giving us feedback in the main and VIP chat! your voice will be heard.

Nolelegends is now displaying the Start of something epic that we are all going to enjoy for years, and we are one of the first projects in the TRON scene if not the first to implent the NFT TRC721 Tokens for all our legends, Thanks to our magic developer Hesam Who made this Journey possible that still has to start off its engines.

We have the first NFT’s registered on the TRON network!

Of course, we are still missing liquidity for Nolecoin but we are already making plans to list on the bigger exchanges as soon as we can. This will provide us liquidity and new community members to keep growing towards our goal of 1 million Nolians around the world and achieve the value we all have been seeking for.

The NFT market is booming right now as NOLE we could never miss out on this opportunity! All our legends are now digital Collectibles and the Nolians can exchange them soon on their Auction house within their village. Happy trading everyone!

So what is an NFT?

Our mission is to create value for the Nolians at all costs.

First, better economics. To realize our vision of building the best ecosystem possible we needed a much larger community and service profits in order to increase investment in our future and provide greater returns for shareholders.

We are going to create a game that is not like any other games this is our pearl in the project! Let’s all promote and use it together to create the best gaming environment possible for the Nolians.

The past year

Observing the annual report tradition, let’s start with the year we’ve just completed. We accomplished a lot 2021 was a terrific year. Here are some of the most notable achievements:

We have a total market cap of around $4.2 million, compared to $150000 for NOLE and $100000 for NoleWater in 2020. Perhaps the most important thing about her 2021 financial performance is that it defined NOLE’s business model. We have shown that we are capable of generating substantial revenues and real earnings while also growing our company value and building epic products without the help of Angel investors.

  • We are officially listed on Coinmarketcap
  • We are listed on the biggest TRON exchanges and now making plans to step into the bigger exchanges in the world!
  • We will explore the NFT market more and more
  • The staking platform is being prepared for automatic earnings

First, better economics. To realize our vision of building the best ecosystem possible we needed a much larger community and service profits in order to increase investment in our future and provide greater returns for shareholders.

What’s happening now

  • As soon as the auction house is live we are starting the marketing campaign of NoleLegends
  • Starting our merchandise line before the summer.
  • Start preparing new updates for NoleLegends.
  • A big team meeting to discuss the future of NoleCoin
  • TronTrade listing for NoleWater is being discussed
  • A fundraiser will be prepared (no date) to give the project an extra boost.
  • NoleX is being synced on our own node for better security and speed.

Thank you!

The NoleCoin team

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