Shareholder Letter | November


  • NoleX our exchange will face major UI updates and also in the listing requirement changes will be made. (A big maintenance will be announced before that)
  • NETH is launched and will become as official as NoleCoin is.
  • It will have a powerful use-case in the upgraded version of NoleX
    Working on creating some additional use cases as well
  • NoleLegends will have its public launch and a massive marketing campaign will be launched to invite the crypto community to grow and decorate with us. (Justin we are waiting for you)
  • Once the foundation is stable bigger philanthropic events will be organized all around the world with our community.
  • Holders will get more and more benefits for supporting us.
  • Mini games and side products will be launched on the side.
  • NoleCoin is now one of the most reliable tokens in the crypto space with a daily growing community
  • the Nole project is providing multiple use cases and adding more whenever we can.
  • We are involved in Trading, Gaming, and charity work.
  • We offer special investor programs, earning programs, and entertainment.
  • We always put our community on number 1 and build a great future together.
  • We stay innovative where we can and always have great surprises in the pipeline for our community.
  • We currently are running 3 Currencies in our ecosystem to make sure every crypto community can enjoy our services.
  • We are looking for you!
NoleX user count growing every month.
The dividend earners are also growing and its getting picked up
The income of the project that is being shared in our VIP of the project.
NOLE Burns that are being performed.
Income that is being used to cover all expenses and progress further.

Let’s stay in touch!

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