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a unique letter from me — the shareholder letter I will write as the CEO of the company I love. We have always believed that technology will unleash human potential and thrive in philanthropy activities. and that is why I have come to work every day with a heart full of passion for more than 2 years and still enjoying it every day.

October, I must say was a hell of a ride. We managed to let the first people enter NoleVille and grow their legends, which is very exciting since a lot of people have been waiting eagerly to test our beloved NoleLegends DApp out.

If you want to Test our new DApp: feel free to fill in this form

Our strategy: High-value activities enabled by a family of driven community members and great products.

That also means that we have 2 functional blockchain products delivered in under 2 years for a start-up project. big applause to everyone who is supporting our ecosystem. We hope more people find out about NoleCoin soon!

We saw this tweet on Binance today and I think its totally true:

We are going to work on our Recognition now, we have the fundamentals and the right people.

I am writing this letter to keep our community informed and up to date on how the past month went. In this way, we can communicate every month with our members, seek new opportunities, and get better and wiser.

NoleCoin is at a stage now where we are finally ready to sail off! NoleLegends had to be delivered and now we can present our ecosystem to the world.

In the month of November more and more players will be added to the testing BETA.

We are working hard in the background to polish our brand so we can present it to the crypto community with a simple and clear mission.

Community, we have multiple products now, official currencies, and a legendary community but let’s set one goal for ourselves before we set the next and that is to reach out to 1 million community members worldwide.

We are hoping that everyone who reads this letter will assist us in achieving this goal before the end of 2021.

For everyone that is received the $NETH airdrop Congratulations on your 1:1 Reward.

The reward page will be up mid-November. Remember to keep some ETH in your wallet for the fees.

(NETH) Etherscan:

Moving forward

In the past year, we took many bold steps forward in executing the best ecosystem possible for our users.

NoleX — We expect once we hit the Ethereum space, the community will increase by a minimal of 100 %, having Ethereum users trading on NoleX and playing our NoleLegends DApp as well as contributing to charity events.

NETH — with NETH we get a chance to what we did with TRON to do it all over again but on a completely new platform with new users to reach out to.

Our ecosystem exists now out of:

NoleCoin — Currency

NoleWater — Currency

Nethereum — Currency

NoleX — Worldwide Exchange with over 7500 users

NoleLegends just started its beta and has over 4000 blockchain gamers ready to play.

the VIP room — Partys, events, AMAs, and rewards.

The Inner Circle room — Internal project discussion, ownership of NoleCoin

Merchandise — Clothing line available for all our Nolians.

Charity — 9 Charity events completed on our charity product and more to come. As soon as our ecosystem is fully stable we will fully focus on our future charity events on a bigger scale.

This means we have a real ecosystem with real use cases ready to launch off for the public now.

We are proud of the state NoleCoin is in right now and are excited about what the future holds for our ecosystem.

With the inner circle, we are going to create a new way of project development with decentralized thinking. we are going to ask all the opinions of our top members and influencers and let them think with us for a better future for NoleCoin. Everyone is welcome that has 5000 $NOLE in their wallet and will receive an invite link afterward.

The brand is still in its baby steps but has completed the basics to become a multichain ecosystem, And Nethereum is the start of that. It will take time to deliver the same value for Nethereum as we did for NoleCoin and NoleWater but it will be the same time schedule we need to make our products multichain.

Super exciting times ahead and big value being added!

We have about 2 months left until the end of the year. In these 2 months, we have tight planning which focuses on polishing the brand, Get into the Ethereum space. Finish off NoleLegends for the public and make connections up the chain so we can expand our community faster and faster.

We have 1 request for the NoleCoin community and that is to spread the word about NOLE. We are aiming to make all our participants financially independent before the end of 2021.

We want to thank everyone that is supporting our ecosystem since 2018, without you we wouldn't make it as far as we are right now and we are honored every day we wake up to see the community happy and shining.

Congratulations on every VIP that is currently earning!

Being a CEO of NOLE has been a thrilling experience — we’ve changed the crypto world and delivered record-setting success — and I know our best days are still ahead.

Thank you for the support community and let's close off the year with an epic ecosystem, invite everyone you know because 2021 is going to be super exciting! We will make our moves to achieve a goal of 15 products and a multichain ecosystem. all with the help of the community and our great team.

Some other interesting charts.

Listing count on NoleX
Nole burns the past month
Dividend holders for NoleCoin.

Yours Sincerely,


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Thank you Champions for supporting our project.