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NoleX is a trading exchange build on the NOLE Ecosystem. It is an integral part of the Project NOLE as it helps in connecting with the crypto community. In this article, we cover the basic aspects of the NoleX exchange.

DEX or CEX: NoleX ( is a CEX (centralized exchange) which means it doesn’t just run on a single blockchain( TRON) similar to big exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, Bittrex, etc.


Being a CEX it will be possible to integrate other blockchain and tokens running on them.

NoleX will list tokens on like ETH, IOST, EOS, etc in the near future.

Choosing a CEX mode also enables the exchange to trade in-game assets (seeds, fruits, tools, etc) of NoleLegends (since those are NOT Tron tokens).

Projects adopting NoleX will also be able to get BTC/ETH trade pairs thus helping them in global adoption!

In the future, NoleX will assist in aspirations of Project NOLE becoming a TRON SR.


Unlike directly resting on TRON blockchain a CEX needs to get block confirmation for deposit and withdrawal confirmation. This sometimes delays the deposit/withdrawal of tokens by a couple of minutes.

How to use NoleX:

  1. Log-in to your TronLink extension on chrome browser.

2. Visit and click sign-up. Confirm the popup tronlink confirmation (please ensure the pop-up blocker is turned off).

3. Existing users directly click on Sign-in.

4. Click on the NoleX logo on the top left corner to visit the main page.

5. Click on Trade drop-down menu and choose

Main Exchange: To trade TRON tokens.

Gaming P2P market: To trade NoleLegends game assets.

Click on your TRON address on the top right of the screen and select ‘My NOLEX Wallet’.

Deposit TRX or other tokens you wish to trade. Refresh the page after a couple of minutes your tokens will start reflecting in your balances.

On the Left, windowpane select the token you wish to trade, select the price from the order book and click buy/sell.

Follow the same process for withdrawals.

NoleX Benefits:

  • Low trading fee (0.1% for normal trade; 0.05% for using $NOLE as trading fee).

Learn more:

  • Earn a lifetime 10% trade fee income for an unlimited count of referrals.
  • A single platform for trading both TRON tokens and NoleLegends game assets.
  • 5% of $NOLE earned as the trading fee is burnt every month thus reducing the supply and helping boost the valuation of Holders.
  • 5% of the Listing fee generated will be used for $NOLE buyback and burn.

Additional VIP Benefit: VIPs as co-owners of NoleX are additionally eligible for:

  • 1% of the NOLE trading fee earned Airdropped every month.
  • 1% of Advertisement income generated on NoleX will be airdropped.

What’s happening at the backend:

  • The basic exchange is operational now, we will further work on upgrading the UI after the NoleLegends launch.
  • We are currently at 1.3K users and the goal is to reach 10k users by the end of May.
  • We will try to migrate these users to the game also!

Once the NoleLegends game is fully developed we will expand NoleX to other blockchain pairs too.

  • Q2 2020 we will integrate ETH and start to list Ethereum pairs on NoleX.
  • Q2 we will also launch BTC and XRP trading pairs.
  • Early projects which support NoleX will have the advantage to get BTC/ETH/XRP pairs.
  • Articles and video content will be released in the next 6 weeks.
  • We will conduct AMAs and Trading events with new tokens on listing to boost up the marketing activities.
  • Work has been initiated to get NoleX listed on CoinGecko.
  • A long term plan is to build an app for NoleX.
  • Listing fees will be used to burn NOLE thus further reducing its supply.
  • Monthly VIP bounties will be run to increase user-base.

Author: Debasish

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