The tales of NoleWater (AMSK)

NoleWater 2020


I always said my goal in my life is to inspire and serve 1 million people around the globe with our team, and this is becoming a reality right now. With NoleWater we have endless possibilities to reach a big audience in 2020 and beyond. The community is building up, We have 2 big currencies live and being used on the TRON network. But today it is time to talk about the second one, our precious NoleWater (AMSK) How did we come with the idea to make a second token? What is it being used for and what are the future plans to feed the NoleCoin ecosystem and help the project serving a total of 1 million people around the globe.

NoleWater (AMSK) was first introduced in 2018 (December) as a dividend token for our NoleCoin (NOLE) token. The idea was, Every NOLE stands for 10000 AMSK so that is why the supply of 10,000,000,000 AMSK related to 1,000,000 NOLE.

It was created to fuel our future DApp economy and reward loyal NoleCoin holders.

I Remember I had to rush to another address since we needed this token very fast, we announced our reward system, but the token was not fully ready. My father asked me, what are you coming to do? I said you will find out soon, I am going to create some magical water dad.

And NoleWater was a fact! Thanks to Debasish (Advisor) and Hesam (Lead developer) we started to pay out our NoleWater tokens automatically to loyal NoleCoin holders. which is being used by over 200 Community members right now.

NoleWater has helped the NoleCoin ecosystem a lot and it's essential in our project that we take our token to the limits and beyond.

90 % of the NoleWater supply is frozen, The NoleWater for the NoleLegends economy is already reserved.

While NoleLegends is being prepared we are going to contact every successful project in the space to work with our dividend token to get maximum exposure and value before we start feeding our Legends. In this way, everyone can get their hands on some NoleWater to test out the NoleLegends DApp.

Recently added use cases:

  • Crypto Treasures
  • Crypto Planet
  • BOOM Game
  • NoleLegends DApp
  • Charity donation
  • Tipping for good Karma
  • Special Suprise use case coming up when we launch the village!

Track Nolewater on Coingecko:

Eventually, we want our community to be able to:

  • Pay your merchandise with our currencies.
  • Use it at our auction house. (new product)
  • Use it in the NoleLegends DApp to buy in-game decorations
  • Integrate NoleWater in all DApps in the Tron space
  • Complete the final goal of creating 15 products driven by NoleWater.

Since 2018, NoleWater has been a stable currency with over 30000 wallets owning our magic water and expanding every day. Also over 700 K transactions have been made since 2018, which is a big support to the TRON network. Thank you community!

Why is NoleWater so Special?

Basically, we have our main token NoleCoin But with all our products economies will run on NoleWater, which automatically increases the value of NoleCoin. That is why we are going to put full focus on growing our dividend token right now.

What problem are we solving with NoleWater?

Right now everyone is looking for a stable utility token in the space that is gaming orientated and can also be earned for free, which gives access to all the TRON users in the space. We want to provide a high traffic currency that can serve anyone if it's using our products or for a long term investment. NoleWater will be among the highest-ranked tokens in the TRON space.

Now for the gamers and lore lovers. We have an epic NoleWater story here, how did the magical water end up in the NoleLegends DApp?

Amordad Aiding Tallfriendlygiant in becoming the biggest tree in NoleLegends.

The tales of Nolewater:

For ages, the Mountain Villains plotted to scour all life from Noleville, To this end, Lord Omari possessed the Human area and the Tree area in his power. Omari’s servants among NoleVille plotted together to corrupt NoleVille and destroy the peaceful Tree Faction. After the Fall of the Humans, some humans Betrayed there faction and started to live with the mountain villains while all the trees and the rest of the Humans where eliminated.

Amordad aided by Tall-Friendly Giant starts to rebuild NoleVille After Omari’s attacks. Our Lady forged rare seeds that would recreate and blow new life into the world of NoleVille.

In order to restore NoleVille successfully Amordad manifested NoleWater From the universe, This process took years to complete. with all power, she manifested the NoleWater out of the sky with her third eye. Tallfriendlygiant made sure she could do this without being attacked by Omari's servants.

Amordad Created different kinds of Trees to blow life back into NoleVille and created 12 Legends.

a world full of beauty, kindness, and life. Yet the very life force of this world keeps being threatened and the land of NoleVille is at risk. The forest cries for its fallen brethren and is ready to join forces with the Legends of the land to save Tron and keep peace within NoleVille.

Brave Humans Like John O’Connor, Matt Jr, Mattys older brother Prillteo Stayed in the Human faction to rebuild their faction. Omari Tried to Let them surrender but they Managed to escape and stay in the human area. Together with the Keysmaster, they created a Forge to make sure they were protected for any future attacks. After the Attacks, they had an Enemy called Guyver which later became there best friend and allied in the human area.

Mischa The sorcerer, Hennie, and H33dshoot Later joined forces in rebuilding NoleVille.

These human faction members obtained a large amount of NoleWater from Amordad and created wells to support the rebuild of NoleVille

The process of rebuilding Noleville will take over 1000 (ingame) years and with all the Community members of NoleCoin, we can aid Amordad!

Every legend planted and fed is helping rebuild NoleVille overtime.

Come and battle with us soon at

Remember to obtain enough NoleWater before starting your journey!

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