Token Listing Process on NoleX

3 min readSep 14, 2020


Greetings NoleX community. Through this article we wanted to clarify the token listing strategy to be followed on NoleX.

In the world of business it is important to identify one’s strength and weakness and also to identify the target segment which is best suited for the product offering. NoleX is a CEX (Centralized Exchange) which was done for 2 reason’s:

To integrate and facilitate trading on NoleLegends game assets. The game will be connected directly with the N-Wallet of Nolex thus acting as a bridge between the game and TRON Blockchain.

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To enable expansion of the exchange to other blockchains like ETH etc.

Since NoleX is Co-owned by 410+ Nole VIPs it is important for them also to know the future plans of NoleX:

Target Segment:

We realized that TRON community loves to trade on DEX due to ease of use; Being a CEX NoleX thus doesn’t compete with these DEX’s but rather tries to fill the gap created by TronWatchMarket ; so the focus of NoleX would be to provide a platform for new and emerging projects which find it challenging to get listed on a premier DEX ( in fact we too faced similar challenges in early 2019 when we were young and it took a lot of time and effort to get our tokens listed on those platforms). The benefit of focusing on new emerging projects is that it creates a collaborative environment and also helps NoleX in expanding its community.

Further the good projects which exhibit their trust on NoleX gain in the long run once we integrate ETH chain thus providing the select few an additional ETH trading pair.

In the world of Crypto it is challenging to predict the future about survival of any particular project; thus DYOR is recommended to users before they decide to invest into any project. Investments are subject to market risks and hence it’s basically an expression of confidence between the user and the projects listed; NoleX doesn’t recommend buying / selling of any of the listed projects and it is solely at the discretion of the users.

At NoleX we will be performing the below mentioned due diligence before listing any project:

  • Project should have a working website.
  • The whitepaper should be publicly available.
  • The project should have minimum 500 followers on Twitter.
  • The project should have minimum 500 community members on Telegram.
  • The Project will need to do a AMA in the VIP chat
  • A vote will follow afterwards to check how everyone thinks about the project.

Then the team will make the decision to list or not.

The next step for NoleX is to integrate ETH chain this year after the NoleLegends testing is completed. After completing the ETH integration we will conduct a community poll to decide which blockchain to integrate next on NoleX.

We thank the Nole Community for bringing us this far and together let’s build this bigger and stronger as a truly community driven exchange.

NoleX Listing form:

Author: Debasish

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