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a summary of the AMA today in the NoleCoin VIP chat.

Chevkev: Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Cryptowolf: I created EMS bc I was working in the ambulance and saw several things over the years that just weren’t right in our healthcare system. I am a part of this system and wanted to create a way for patients, healthcare providers, and everyone in between to benefit from medical services they deserve and not just pour their hard-earned money into paying for things that weren’t supposed to be charged. Like for instance fees, higher prescription rates to where people actually die before they can get the medicine they need, pre-existing conditions that were of no fault to the patients bc they were born with these illnesses… Etc. I’ve worked in the fire and emergency medical services for years and it saddens me to know where we are and I’m trying my best to change portions of this broken system 💯

We decided to make the transition into the Hemp industry. Pharmaceutical companies and the govt have put in some heavy roadblocks so we decided this was our most effective way to start helping people feel better and have better access to alternative wellness.

We have custom CBD blends now along with other products made from HEMP. We also have a cultivation of HEMP growing for 2020 season and are really excited to see how that turns out at the end of October 2020.

Even with our transition into the HEMP industry, one of our long term goals is helping patients in the health-care system… This is why we are “A New Dimension of Wellness” and we live by this statement!

Chevkev: What have you been working on in the past few months?

Cryptowolf: Oh boy! What have we not been working on the past few months

I would say the most important and vital things we’ve been working on is a few things

· iTraceIT which is traceability and secure information on the blockchain for products. We have just partnered with the Ohio HEMP co-op for utilizing iTraceIT for the state of Ohio.

· Our trc20 New and updated smart contracts.

· Definitely rolling out the custom CBD blends into our product lines.

· Making sure our 2020 grow season is a success.

· And working diligently towards going global… This includes becoming a corporation and rolling out our agent program.

Chevkev: Do you have a preview of the platform that you have been working on?

Chevkev: What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Cryptowolf: Our token has a use case in earning REWARDS and also upcoming rights to vote on important business aspects of EMS. We are looking forward to bringing the use of EMS as payment for products in the near future. EMS has an upgradeable and updateable trc20 smart contact token, so we will always advance forward within the crypto space.

Chevkev: What can we expect in 2020 from your project?

Cryptowolf: The one true answer to this question is “Simply our best as always!” We strive to be one of the best projects on the TRON blockchain and we tend to under-promise and over-deliver. We have an amazing community and look forward to updating everyone about our progress at the end of the year. We would love for everyone to be on this ride with us and we look forward to having a great year and future.

Chevkev: Is there anything you want to share with the VIP room?

Cryptowolf: We are already in beta testing phase right now on iTraceIT, but we are setting up to roll out iTraceIT very soon to the public. I want to stress that iTraceIT is NOT just for HEMP and Cannabis products. We’ve designed it to where any product of your company can utilize iTraceIT for its safety, reliability, and blockchain traceability. We also have a marketing campaign coming where EMS will be sponsoring 5 shows on a podcast and aired on iHeart radio to over 500k subscribed listeners of the podcast channel with our commercial. So the time to get in is now before we make a massive push in marketing.

Chevkev: Thank you CryptoWolf and the rest of the EMS team for explaining the EMS project in the VIP Chat. We learned a lot today about the project and the NoleCoin team wishes EMS all the best for the future! Dear members EMS is now live for trading on at
Feel free to continue the discussion about EMS and have a great evening VIP!

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