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A quick summary of the AMA today with 888 Tron hosted by @icecoldsteve and @Chopperz888

Chevkev:Can you tell a bit more about yourself and why you started the project?

Steve: Hi all. My name is Steve. I am 42 years old and live in Belgium. But look and feel like I am 30!

I have a degree in computer science. I have been active in the blockchain industry since 2012.
I had my own Bitcoin and Litecoin hardware mining operation.

I have switched over from BTC to TRON blockchain in December 2018 because I was convinced of the superior-tech and the whole Dapp scene emerging.
Since then I have tried out almost every of the 600+ TRX Dapps that came out, even Tron Shrimps 🤣

I joined 888team in August 2019. Before I was only a player on the platform. But I saw the huge potential and decided to offer my services to the team.
Since then I have been advising CEO and helping out all team members. Together with my colleague
@Chopperz888 I manage the European and US communities.
I am the 888 centipede… research, writing articles, organizing meetings, visit expos, create gifs, post on social media… 💪

Chevkev:What have you been working on in the past few months?

Steve: First of all, I don’t code anymore and have not written a single line of code for 888team. I date from the COBOL and C++ era.

But over the past five months, I have worked together with every team member on the successor of called We want to achieve our goal to become the biggest online multicurrency blockchain gambling platform by 2021.

But instead of building everything from scratch like we did with we had meetings with all gambling software companies operating worldwide and decided to buy some of the best and most trusted software components on the market. We tweaked them to fit our needs.
By taking this modular approach we were able to build much faster, more secure and without the need to reinvent the wheel time over time.

For example, our professional affiliate marketing module has been designed by a Swiss company and they have spent over two years developing and perfecting that piece of software. The only downside of this approach is the hefty price tag, but you get 100% premium quality.

Chevkev: ✅ Do you have a preview of the website that you have been working on?

The new website with all info about will be ready this weekend. The English version will be reviewed on Monday and then the localization in other languages will be done.
I had a sample but saved it on my desktop pc instead of the cloud so i can’t share anything yet. But it was built with the help of a German/US team so will be solid
Some countries are restricted and need VPN access

Chevkev:✅ What is the use-case of your token and what makes it unique compared to other tokens?

Steve: Very good question and also very long answer … let me try and paraphrase it a bit

888token= TRC 20 token

Max supply = 100 million (no subtokens or extra token )

currently, around 26 million tokens mined

almost all tokes are being held by players and frozen. only 600K tokens or less available for trade.

5% of the 26 million tokens are mined by the team but are locked up in a contract and can’t be sold by team until all 100M is mined = so no exit scam possible

888token will become a very valuable token in the near future. Because this token will payout 65% of NGR to token holders in USD. Since the platform will grow fast and exponentially the amount of tokens mined and the max supply will remain the same.

We will have a full-blown casino with over 3500 games, all powered by one 888token economy

We currently have 49 people working on getting out of beta and fully operational with all bells and whistles.

By going full multicurrency and by accepting Fiat money we will be open to a lot of people.

888team also owns land landbased casinos that will be connected to by the end of the year.

Chevkev:What are you doing to reach new users with 888Tron?

Steve: Right now.. we build and focus on getting platform 100% operational.

We are focusing on attracting a lot of new users through the integration of professional affiliate networks.

We have a professional affiliate marketing module and we will connect a lot of CPA networks to generate traffic to our platform. At this moment 6 networks are being connected and 14 will follow.
We will also do giveaways, organize competitions, give promo codes for free spins, offer huge bonus deposits, participate in game provider network events, hire national promo and marketing agencies to do specific localized campaigns ( Australia or South Korea for example) .
We will continue our efforts to go to Asian markets. Recruit ambassadors active in different blockchain communities and influencers. Paid ads and click banners on gambling websites. Attend crypto conferences and gambling expositions worldwide.

@Chopperz888: Looking forward to flying around the globe with you and promoting & pioneering this amazing world-class casino 🛩🌎

Steve: We analyzed the whole online gambling industry and decided we could improve this by adding a profit-sharing model powered by a blockchain 888token economy. We went to big gambling expos and visited over a hundred companies involved in gambling and were surprised on how many are missing out on the blockchain tech advantages.

Chevkev: What can we expect in 2020 from your project?

Steve: 2020 will be a very important year for By this summer all planned updates will be finished. The platform will then be 100% operational.
We will then have all the budget, time, and manpower available to focus solely on promo and marketing and creating events, competitions. We will work on getting listed on CoinmarketCap and big exchanges like Huobi, Binance

When traveling and mass events will be allowed again we will attend crypto summits and gambling conventions to promote our platform and look out for future partners and new content/games. We want to have all the lastest games available on our platform.

Steve: We want to become a global player worldwide!

We want to have a monthly GGR of one million dollars in Q3 and Q4 2020. For 2021 we aim for 1 to 3 million USD per month.
The world has enough with 21 million bitcoin so I guess the gambling industry will have to do with 100 million 888tokens.
Just like in real economy if you have too much supply and too much inflation your token will lose value over time. So having a single token (and no subtokens) for all your current and future updates is a must. Then you also need to have a maximum supply that is not too high for your target audience. You need to have a sustainable and realistic token economy and not fall into megalomania by thinking that the whole world will suddenly use your platform.
Also the “drugdealer” approach by giving away stuff for free doesn’t work too well either. So no freebies, no airdrops for holding other tokens. This is not sustainable and will ultimately lead to failure after a certain period. But still, a lot of projects continue to use this tactic.

Chevkev: ✅ Is there anything you want to share to the VIP room

Steve: if you have some spare time and want to have some fun… please make an 888starz account…with or without a VPN connection… a lot of games can be tried out for free with play money… and keep an eye out for future updates to our platform
If there are VIPS interested I can always arrange a 25% pro VIP link giving 25% of the Net Gaming Revenue of all the people who join our platform using your links so you can make some money of their back

Later there will be TRX, ETH, and EOS wallet connection and DApp browser support and you will not need to make an account..but for now, you still have

@icecoldsteve & @Chopperz888 Thank you for taking the time to explain the 888 project in the VIP group. that was a great AMA and we got a better view of the 888 project now. Dear VIP feel free to continue the discussion about the 888 project and have a great evening



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