Why did we choose NoleLegends?

Today we are going to discuss a Topic for all new NoleLegends players who want to come and try out our online blockchain gaming DApp NoleLegends.

Creator: Uncle Hesam

Game Economy driven-by Official currency: NoleWater (AMSK)

Innovative Blockchain gaming experience with a purpose.

Currency: https://www.coingecko.com/nl/coins/nolewater

We are launching our second product in the pipeline!

17 People have entered NoleVille so far and more will be added soon.

Feed your legends with NoleWater, grow them, take care of them, and loot precious rewards from them in their final stage. Please check the whitepaper for the difference in earnings and difficulty.

NoleCoin always delivers products that can make a change in the world. if it's for spreading happiness, have a nice own place to earn your money in while you are doing other tasks. enjoy the storyline our loremakers created for everyone to enjoy or show off your village to your friends. With NoleLegends we are going to bring back some nostalgia from our youth and launch an official currency in the game called NoleWater who will run the complete economy of the game. That means every player on the TRON or ETH network will need NoleWater to grow feed and take care of your legends.

The game is basically about growing your legends, Create an income through the blockchain. Have fun with some nostalgic atmosphere around it and help the world out at the same time.

More and more legends will be added in the next patches!

We are starting off with an amount of 12 Legends.

Learn more about them on the website!


Do you got what it takes to climb the leaderboard and have the best looking village in NoleVille?

Come and join us for a chat: https://t.me/NoleCoin

NoleLegends is and will become the biggest blockchain DApp in the complete crypto space. While everyone is making ROI DApps we are bringing a real gaming experience to the TRON chain.

Feel free to learn more about it at:


Whitepaper: https://nolelegends.com/pdf/NoleLegends%20White%20Paper%20V%201.0.pdf



See you in NoleVille Nolians!


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