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We are going to combine crypto with merchandise in the Netherlands!

The first-ever NoleCoin collection is live! Congratulations to all Nolians, Another step closer to mass adoption for our ecosystem.

Merge&ice have been putting a lot of work in to get our collection ready and is now available at:

It’s time to visit the most densely populated country of Europe, to meet our NOLE VIP. A country where the first stock market in the world was invented; back in 1602. This was done as a means of funding the Dutch East India Company and its long trade-based voyages from the Netherlands. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange was also created in the same year, and many consider this to be the oldest ‘modern’ exchange in the world. A country which is considered to be fittest in the world has more bicycles than people and is the world’s biggest exporter of flowers…

Our NOLE VIP journey takes us today to the world’s largest artificial archipelago. These artificial islands (The Palm) were created out of only sand and rocks. In fact, it took over 3 billion cubic feet of sand from the seabed and 7 million tons of rock from the Hajar Mountains. Yes, we are visiting the city of Dubai which houses the world’s tallest building, the design of which is based on a local desert flower, hymenocallis, also known as the spider lily. There are three feet or lobes which form the architectural base of the Burj Khalifa, which echo the…

Dear Nolians! It's time to announce a new exciting partnership!

We know everyone has been waiting for the merchandise to launch and we are now entering the clothing branch! We have officially partnered with one of the larger printer companies in the Netherlands who is printing for the dutch rap scene and more and we are seeking our way into the influencers in the Netherlands to create more attention for our coin but also deliver high-quality merchandise for our supporters.

The mission of this partnership is to provide high-quality merchandise for our supporters and at the same time create adoption…

Today we head over to a capital city that happens to be the biggest marketplace for spices and fruits in Asia. A unique city that historically had 14 gates to enter the city and houses the tallest minaret in the world (Qutub Minar). Yes, we are talking about the capital and largest city of India: Delhi. NOLE VIP Mr. Palak Agarwal was born here on the 266th day of the Gregorian calendar. It’s a day after the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the day of the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. …

Dear Shareholders,

The NOLE journey started in Q4 of 2018, and for an annual report, I’ve decided to write you all a personal letter. I’ve got the time (Took some rest after this long period), but they're also happens to be a great deal I want to tell you about our company: the NOLE ecosystem has started up! the exciting productions now underway at NOLE (NoleLegends and NoleX), and the progress we’re making in building a world-class crypto project. We have also embarked on a new strategic course for NOLE which will carry us through our next decade. There are…


  • Last Development period of our DApp NoleLegends
  • Warming up the community for the game, giving NoleX extra attention.
  • A special new in-game update will be announced at the launch
  • VIP room fee changed to $100
  • Making connections with the highest influencers in the space.
  • Creating simplicity in the brand and the chats
  • Getting NOLE ready for stage 2.
  • Services will be getting a fixed price due to the price increase of TRON

The impact of quarantines and the impact that it has on our people dramatically reduced the sales of the project. …

Dear Nolians! NoleLegends is coming your way! quicker than what you think.


Highly anticipated online growing game to release the open BETA simultaneously in multiple NOLE communities at the end of Q1 2021

After a year of preparation, developing, setbacks, and lessons we came to the point to release the first-ever BETA version of NoleLegends to our community. Which is one of the most exciting things we have achieved so far in the NoleCoin ecosystem.

Interact with your favorite legends, explore and join the adventure on March 31. Whether if it's meeting up with your friends., creating new friendships, or creating a crypto income! We invite you to our next gem NoleLegends!

This is a mighty use case for our…

The crypto markets are a leading indicator of the far-reaching social and technological upheaval of our times. Sustainability and organic growth are rapidly gaining significance for NOLE. investors around the world.

Launching our core product, the NoleLegends DApp is our top priority right now.

We are sitting around $0.75 per share with $NOLE, stimulated by the new service system, stable community growth over time, increasing core support and a major upcoming value add to our ecosystem NoleLegends.

NOLE. is the wisest choice for all those investors who consciously embrace a combination of the two: use-cases and value. We have the resources of a strong crypto group and are making good use of these in our efforts to become a technology leader in the cryptocurrency market.

NoleCoin is also the first crypto…

It’s time to travel to a culturally rich city which is located in the south of the Elburz mountains to meet our next VIP. This talented VIP lives in the capital city of Iran called Tehran — the warm slopes. Iran, traditionally ‘Persia,’ is a country in Southwest Asia. The Middle East has Iran as its second-largest country. Persian culture boasts of its lush gardens, luxurious rugs, and beautiful poetry. The English term ‘paradise’ originated from a Persian word that means ‘enclosed garden.’ Poetry is a vital part of Persian culture, Iranians could recite lines from notable Persian poems like…


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