To all NoleLegends testers!

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the server is reset and new testers are added:

@Nasirnaxx — TWBjGEocfqG3QLAwcm4i1w6q4Gn2i8aatu
@Zotoff85 — TKsLG6FZDa8buS4Qdx7kSfX851VzXmN1M7
@Clagge — TDLzxuCBfmP9a55MMLJwZGyDdfGWckyd2K
@Cryptomichael82 — TNzoQWnCegdWPxMZi3BYPEuFZJR3q7BV53

Welcome new Nolians to NoleVille!

✳️ What’s New?

Nole Water Pond is here 😇
every 1 hour it gives you 50 AMSK, claim it by clicking on the NoleWater logo appearing close to the pond.
if u hover your mouse on the pond u will see a time bar that indicates when your next 50 NoleWater will be ready to claim.
as u claim your NoleWater timer resets again.

✳️ Other bug fixes and…

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Today we head over to an island city that comprises a group of 64 islands to meet our next NOLE VIP. The city of man-made waterfalls, a city which creates history in the night — by being the first to conduct F1 night race or to open the world’s first night zoo. Yes, we are talking about one of the world’s most prosperous countries; it’s a financial center, an achievement in urban planning, and serves as a model for developing nations. It’s also one of our most popular travel destinations: SINGAPORE.

Our VIP Mr. Kelvin Lee hails from this prosperous island. He recently celebrated his birthday when Moon, Saturn & Jupiter were shining brightly in the night sky and visible to the naked eye even without a telescope! Across the globe people celebrate World Children’s Day on Kelvin’s birthday i.e 20th November. Kelvin also shares his birthday with Joe Biden, Robert F Kennedy, Bo Derek, Future, Joel McHael. …


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It is an absolute honor to introduce a multitalented, dynamic, energetic individual whom we lovingly know as BoJaX. Well, Mr. BoJaX aka Mr. Charles B Phythian hails from the port city of the great Gold Rush: San Francisco, USA. It is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, steep streets, Alcatraz, and — The Full House. During the Great Depression, not a single bank in San Francisco failed. In fact, business was so good that the city constructed the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge during the Depression. In 1906, three-quarters of the city was destroyed by an earthquake and fire but the city survived and got re-built again. It displays the natural financial acumen and resilience which runs in the blood of the people there and this never say die attitude is what’s on display when you interact with Mr. …

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NoleLegends Big update!

Decorate your own village!

Well, we have been testing for 2 weeks now and Hesam decided to put some extra flavor behind the development and all BETA players can now customize their village to their taste and look to show off to their friends later!

This is very cool since these decorations will be tradable on the market also and a game economy will be created around the legends decorations and tools. (very good for the NoleWater currency)

Trade NoleWater at:

First NoleLegends update

Wheelbarrow and hammer are added to the game
with the wheelbarrow, you can drag a tree to another empty field. …

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Today it’s a great honor to introduce Nole Inner Circle member / Nole VIP to the NoleFamily: Mr. Wesley du Preez. To meet him we need to head over to the ‘city of gold’; the largest city of South Africa; Johannesburg. A city bustling with a great economy and rich cultural heritage, Wesley’s hometown also boasts about having the world’s largest manmade forests. No wonder being in close proximity to Nature; Wesley absolutely loves the NoleLegends environment too.

Wesley was born on the 346th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is 19 days before we celebrate the New Year. Wesley shares his birthday with famous celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Rajnikanth, Yuvaraj Singh, Frank Sinatra, Regina Hall. After finishing his schooling Wesley pursued technical education and acquired a degree in Bachelor of Technology; Electrical engineering stream. …

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Today we are going to discuss a Topic for all new NoleLegends players who want to come and try out our online blockchain gaming DApp NoleLegends.

Creator: Uncle Hesam

Game Economy driven-by Official currency: NoleWater (AMSK)

Innovative Blockchain gaming experience with a purpose.


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We are launching our second product in the pipeline!

17 People have entered NoleVille so far and more will be added soon.

Feed your legends with NoleWater, grow them, take care of them, and loot precious rewards from them in their final stage. Please check the whitepaper for the difference in earnings and difficulty.

NoleCoin always delivers products that can make a change in the world. if it's for spreading happiness, have a nice own place to earn your money in while you are doing other tasks. enjoy the storyline our loremakers created for everyone to enjoy or show off your village to your friends. With NoleLegends we are going to bring back some nostalgia from our youth and launch an official currency in the game called NoleWater who will run the complete economy of the game. That means every player on the TRON or ETH network will need NoleWater to grow feed and take care of your legends. …


a unique letter from me — the shareholder letter I will write as the CEO of the company I love. We have always believed that technology will unleash human potential and thrive in philanthropy activities. and that is why I have come to work every day with a heart full of passion for more than 2 years and still enjoying it every day.

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October, I must say was a hell of a ride. …

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Important news: Nole Inner Circle Launch, Last NETH snapshot, Double dividends NoleLegends first beta testers.

  • The first and Last NoleCoin Flash Sale.
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We are starting a pre-sale soon with 50000 #NoleCoin available for a limited amount of time of 3 days. we do this so all our NoleCoin members can enter the Inner Circle once we start on November 1.
500000 $NOLE will go in lockdown after that until December 31, 2021.

Exchanges that NoleCoin will be available for the amount of 3 days:




The exact prices will be announced tonight at 20:00 GMT + 1 in the VIP chat. …

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Fund Raising campaign to distribute blankets to Old poor people.

We will be collaborating with Prochesta Foundation in helping them help Old people in need this winter. Prochesta Foundation, Pandua, West Bengal, India
was started in June, 2018 by Mr. Sourav Choudhary and Mrs. Moon Dhar along with few of their friends.
So far they have successfully done charity events like, blanket distribution,
New cloth to physically challenged people, grocery distribution during lockdown period and their last event was on 18th oct where they have distributed new clothes to kids.

Their upcoming event is Blanket distribution to old people in need on 29th Nov 2020 @ Pandua, West Bengal. …

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Congratulations NoleFamily!




We have some exciting #update to share; Master Craftsman Hesam has finished thousands of lines of coding and now it is time for the first Nolians to enter the NoleVille and test the results of the tremendous hardwork Hesam has put in to get this game ready for our community.

The Game is a testing version and will be tested with testing coins and trees.

In this phase we need to test our servers but also fish out the remaining bugs, and we are going to do that with your help!

The first Nolians start testing once Hesam gives the green light at 31 October. He will do so by posting a message in the VIP chat! …


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