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Dear Shareholders,

The NOLE journey started in Q4 of 2018, and for an annual report, I’ve decided to write you all a personal letter. I’ve got the time (Took some rest after this long period), but they're also happens to be a great deal I want to tell you about our company: the NOLE ecosystem has started up! the exciting productions now underway at NOLE (NoleLegends and NoleX), and the progress we’re making in building a world-class crypto project. We have also embarked on a new strategic course for NOLE which will carry us through our next decade. There are…


  • Last Development period of our DApp NoleLegends
  • Warming up the community for the game, giving NoleX extra attention.
  • A special new in-game update will be announced at the launch
  • VIP room fee changed to $100
  • Making connections with the highest influencers in the space.
  • Creating simplicity in the brand and the chats
  • Getting NOLE ready for stage 2.
  • Services will be getting a fixed price due to the price increase of TRON

The impact of quarantines and the impact that it has on our people dramatically reduced the sales of the project. …

Dear Nolians! NoleLegends is coming your way! quicker than what you think.


Highly anticipated online growing game to release the open BETA simultaneously in multiple NOLE communities at the end of Q1 2021

After a year of preparation, developing, setbacks, and lessons we came to the point to release the first-ever BETA version of NoleLegends to our community. Which is one of the most exciting things we have achieved so far in the NoleCoin ecosystem.

Interact with your favorite legends, explore and join the adventure on March 31. Whether if it's meeting up with your friends., creating new friendships, or creating a crypto income! We invite you to our next gem NoleLegends!

This is a mighty use case for our…

The crypto markets are a leading indicator of the far-reaching social and technological upheaval of our times. Sustainability and organic growth are rapidly gaining significance for NOLE. investors around the world.

Launching our core product, the NoleLegends DApp is our top priority right now.

We are sitting around $0.75 per share with $NOLE, stimulated by the new service system, stable community growth over time, increasing core support and a major upcoming value add to our ecosystem NoleLegends.

NOLE. is the wisest choice for all those investors who consciously embrace a combination of the two: use-cases and value. We have the resources of a strong crypto group and are making good use of these in our efforts to become a technology leader in the cryptocurrency market.

NoleCoin is also the first crypto…

It’s time to travel to a culturally rich city which is located in the south of the Elburz mountains to meet our next VIP. This talented VIP lives in the capital city of Iran called Tehran — the warm slopes. Iran, traditionally ‘Persia,’ is a country in Southwest Asia. The Middle East has Iran as its second-largest country. Persian culture boasts of its lush gardens, luxurious rugs, and beautiful poetry. The English term ‘paradise’ originated from a Persian word that means ‘enclosed garden.’ Poetry is a vital part of Persian culture, Iranians could recite lines from notable Persian poems like…

Nole Family started about 2 years back with a Guildchat room but today we have Nole Family across the globe and with this expansion, the family continues to become more close-knit and friendlier. Along with that interestingly what we are discovering is that it is just not a family of crypto enthusiasts but a group with a kind heart at the core and a varied combination of skillful people. Today we travel to the Netherlands to meet one such super talented craftsman: SuperHuug.


Before we proceed; we first thought to share with all of you a few of…

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey”. This statement summarizes the mindset of young, enterprising, and dynamic NOLE VIP: Zaid Abdulraqeeb Mohammed Al- Jammal, whom we know as Mr. ZAID.

Introducing the NOLE VIP: Zaid


Zaid hails from the capital city of Yemen called Sana’a. A sovereign state in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is a nation with many cultural and historical treasures. It was the seat of ancient advanced civilizations. Although today the country suffers from many economic, political, and social issues, it was one of the wealthiest Arab nations in the past. Although the country faces many issues in modern times, it was known as Arabia Felix in the past. The term means “fortunate” or “happy.” It was called so since Yemen was more fertile than most…

Today it’s time to meet one of the most eligible bachelors of Nole Family VIP Club. To meet this fit, handsome hunk we will have to travel to the largest military base in entire Asia; the gateway to Himanchal and Kashmir: Pathankot, Punjab in India. It is also known for its serene green beauty and a rich historical past. Pathankot was known for Loi and shawl weaving industry for many centuries. Pathankot also introduces you to some beautiful religious places like Mukteshwar Temple, Kathgarh temple, Nagni temple, and Shahpurkandi Fort.

So our dynamic and fitness enthusiast VIP having been born…

Introducing the NOLE VIP.

If you are a football fan then you must definitely visit the home town of our flamboyant, energetic, sports and travel fanatic VIP whom we will be introducing today: Mr. Chris Weston.

Chris hails from the best-rated city of the United Kingdom which is the only place in the world where you can study Mummy Studies, it’s the city where Rolls-Royce Limited was created over lunch in 1904. Car salesman Charles Rolls met engineer Henry Royce at The Midland Hotel and the rest they say is history. Chris’s city boasts the first free public library. Housed in a building built…


While the world around us remains disturbed, we keep building on our power and influence in the crypto space. In 2020 we have grown to a project with a real cause developed: Our revenues covered the costs and made sure we could keep progressing. Our mix in the ecosystem and global adoption allowed us to outperform yet another year despite challenges in the performance of our cryptocurrency segment. (Bear market)

Thank you to everyone that is involved in our project!

There are many sources to our success and progress.

Our community performance is strong right now, and our organization's health…


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